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backpacker finds hidden camera in bathroom of bondi hostel

by:GF bags     2019-09-22
A Hong Kong man will be accused of secretly shooting a female backpacker in the bathroom of a Sydney hostel.
On Monday night, police were summoned after a French tourist found a camera hidden in a deodorant stick at a Bondi residence on Lanshi Avenue. The 27-year-
The old man was assigned to a room in a hostel in the village, and Charles Zhong, an IT worker from Hong Kong, allegedly put his camera in the bathroom.
When his unsuspecting roommate took a shower and saw a camera hidden in the deodorant lid, the device was discovered.
Guest house staff Davier Arevalo describes the moment when guests ask for help upon discovery.
He recalled: \"she said, \'Please, I need help-I just found a camera in the toilet, like a spy camera. \'.
\"She\'s really, really depressed, like crying . . . . . .
Zhong was arrested and was said to have hidden cameras in his underwear.
Police searched his belongings and found more evidence including the hard drive.
Police will claim that there are videos of women participating in private activities in these videos.
The clock is accused of installing equipment, refitting and building to observe or photograph others and having surveillance equipment for illegal use.
On Tuesday, he faced the Waverley District Court, where prosecutors, officer Tom Sands, said the clock was \"electronic savvy in some form \".
The judge refused to approve the Bell bail, which will appear in court later.
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