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backpacker, 26, ‘raped by thai man’ on full moon party island while searching for missing purse

by:GF bags     2019-09-23
A backpacker was allegedly raped by a Thai man after searching for a lost wallet. The 26-year-
Old, from Norway, endured sexual assault at around three o\'clock A. M. after a party on Koh Phangan beach on Saturday.
But to find her lost wallet, she went out with a friend.
At three o\'clock A. M. , she decided to take a last look alone.
CCTV footage showed the Thai man stopped on a motorcycle and offered to help her.
She was then photographed riding his bike and riding away with him.
When he refused to park, she reportedly jumped out of the car, allegedly kicked her foot and punched her ribs.
He allegedly raped her in an alley behind a large C supermarket nearby.
She immediately reported to the police that she was too drunk to recall the man\'s nationality.
Police checked CCTV on Monday night and found the bike and the 33-year-old owner, Rewat Hansuwan.
Investigators also found one of her sandals at the scene.
Rewat was identified as a former prisoner who had just been released from prison for drug offences hours before the alleged rape.
Police Lieutenant General Phongwut Phongsri said: \'Police informed the attack about four o\'clock A. M. on Sunday morning.
The victim returned to her hostel after attending a half-month party.
She told us that she was cheated by the Thai man while looking for her wallet.
The suspect offered to help her and then took her to the alley behind the big C store where he violated her.
\"Lieutenant General Phongsri said that when he was shown CCTV, the man acknowledged the attack and he picked up the woman on a motorcycle.
Police chief added: \"The suspect was released from prison in Koh Samui on Saturday for drug crimes.
\"Under the law, he will now be detained in a police cell.
\"This is the latest example of rape of young female tourists on Thailand\'s notorious dangerous island.
On April, German backpacker Mirian Beelte was brutally raped and killed by a Thai man in Koh Sichang.
And on Phi Island in April 15, a 21-year-
An old British backpacker was raped while celebrating the new year when he was drunk on a Thai holiday island.
In last September, a British teenager was banned from Thailand for complaining that he had been raped on Koh Tao island.
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