Backpack information


For those who go to work, climb mountains, the most indispensable thing is a backpack. Backpack can contain a lot of things, free your hands, keep your balance, and make travel safer and more comfortable.

However, for a durable backpack, purchase selection plays important role, furthermore, daily care is a must for backpack. Let's take a look at how we can improve backpack durability in our lives.

Backpacks tend to collect dust during travel, so regular use of tools such as vacuum cleaners is a must  for backpack cleaning.

Note that when cleaning the backpack, do not use brush head against backpack or shoulder computer backpack, so as to avoid stain left on the cloth.

If there are dirty spots on backpack, you can use the water with washing supplies to wash towel and twist to slightly wet, wipe dirty spots, repeat several times until clean, and then rinse the towel with clean water and twist to half dry wipe.

In the selection of outdoor backpack, backpack fabric matters,  backpack purchase should be factored in with wear-resisting degree, waterproof technology degree, fabric weight degree, tear proof degree, soft degree and UV proof degree.

If backpack you choose is not waterproof, such backpack needs to be equipped with a rainproof cover;Wear resistant materials are mostly used in the bottom of backpack, where is most exposed to ground and rocks  The bottom of double-layer backpack can increase the durability of backpack.

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Backpack in life can be cleaned regularly every 2 or 3 months, if you clean your backpack on weekdays, you should avoid backpack contact with chemicals or scratches. When placing backpack, make sure backpack is dry,  if backpack is wet or damp, it will cause deformation to poor service life.  In fact, the protection of backpack is one of the important elements to improve durability. Another important submission is to buy a good backpack or find reliable backpack manufacturer that can customize your backpack to ensure its durability.

A good shoulder bag is not only made of good material, but also of good design. So, which brand of backpack is better, and how should we judge the design of a backpack?

Carry system

The core idea of carrying system designed by ergonomics is that laptop bag can let the user have the best carrying state in the use process, so that it conforms to the use behavior of human body, so as to make the wearer's muscles and bones more comfortable and users can have the best carrying state.

This is also the soul of the notebook bag. No matter how good the quality is, a notebook bag is a failure if it is not designed to make users in the most comfortable state.

Storage system

The role of computer bag is not only to protect notebook, but also to store the daily needs of supplies. Therefore, when choosing a computer bag, you should choose a well-organized system, which means you can place things you usuallyneed and bring in an orderly way, such as power supply, mouse, mobile phone, keys, card holder and so on. All of them have their own sections in a backapack with reasonable storage sytem.

Anti shock & waterproof
A good computer bag is shockproof with a suspension design, laptop compartment is slightly higher than  bottom of backpack, so laptop won't hit the ground directly when it llands on the ground, with a memory foam padded at each inner corner. In addition to paying attention to the choice of fabrics, the safest way to waterproof laptop bags is to buy computer bags equipped with rain cover.