as the olympics approach it’s time to show your support with beautiful british brands

by:GF bags     2019-08-10
The Olympic Games are about to open. it\'s time to be patriotic.
So let\'s celebrate the UK in the most fashionable way-pack some new arm candy or traditional pottery on our coast.
Make sure you have a \"made in the UK\" label for your next purchase to support native talent and feed back the funds to our postBrexit economy.
Here, SIOBHAN O\'Connor picks the UK brands we should be proud to have.
Every wardrobe dress in London is made in the capital of our country, full of interesting prints and elegant shapes.
Whether it\'s a design project, a cut pattern, or a deep detail --
The company has an enthusiastic team and has worked in London for more than 20 years.
The brand, which focuses on women\'s wear, launches a new series every month, and the series called La Dolce Vita, launched in July, inspired by the warm Mediterranean summer.
Take these things for your holiday and you will always have a little home with you.
For more information about the brand or view the series, visit closetlondon. com.
Marks & Spencer\'s best British collection was launched in 2013 to design and manufacture in Leicester, Somerset and Northampton.
The summer series has also purchased all fabrics from the British Isles, including hand-made
Materials purchased from Bolton, Jersey, Ireland and Leicester.
Following the AW15 series, certain items such as the Bridget Trench Coat have been modified to suit the style of the summer.
Pack a classic item from this collection-it\'s very good quality and will definitely last for a few years.
The series is sold online and at selected M & S stores at prices ranging from £ 19.
Trench coat between 50 and 249.
See marksandspencercom.
The British brand Cath Kidston has teamed up with the British heritage label Royal Stafford to create a lovely new pottery collection.
The famous pottery house was built in Stoke. on-
Trent, employee, has been making pottery in the UK since 1845.
The new collection features little bud printing from Cath Kidston, which is available in stores across the country at prices ranging from 7 to 16.
If it\'s not the perfect excuse to go shopping with your friends and host a luxury tea party, we don\'t know what it is.
Cathkidston for online shopping. com.
Founded in 2011, the company produces stylish leather bags in Leicester.
With stores in New York, London Westfield and Bath, this growing brand produces a range of trendy styles, from satchels and barrel bags to saddle bags and totes.
All the leather used to make the bag comes from the UK and even the dust bag is made in the UK.
Each bag is designed and made in genuine leather for prices ranging from £ 10 to £ 200. See zatchels. com.
The fashionable footwear company has created 80 comfortable styles for women in Lancashire factory.
Bosses believe that producing most of the shoes in the UK allows companies to have full control over the quality of the products, which also helps support the UK economy.
At present, the growing brand makes 1.
In the UK factory, there are 8 million pairs of shoes per year, and the price is suitable for all budgets.
Wear a pair today and you can walk in the air-buy the best in England. See hotter. com.
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