Art You Can Wear On Your Arm? For Judith Leiber, It\'s In The Bag

by:GF bags     2019-08-30
Judith Reber\'s handbag is for wowingnot schlepping.
They are shaped like penguins, fruits, zebras, trams and firecrackers.
The first lady and movie stars took them with them and now they are the theme of the exhibition at the Manhattan museum of art and design.
\"I want to do something more interesting and special than what others do,\" explains Reber, 96 . \".
But it also means they are not cheap.
\"I want to make the most expensive bag anyone can make,\" she added . \".
\"This is what I like to do.
\"Leibo originally planned to make a fortune in cosmetics.
Her family sent her to university in London to study chemistry, but the second world war broke out and she returned to her native country, Hungary.
Completing her education is no longer an option, and the Jewish teenager becomes an apprentice to a handbag company --
Promoted to female craftsman.
But as the war escalated, the company closed.
Her family was removed from home, her father was sent to the camp, and Judith, her sister and mother were forced to live in the slum.
They all survived the massacre, and Judith met American soldier Gus Reber and moved with him to New York in 1946.
There, she worked in the American handbag industry, and at the insistence of the artist\'s husband, she set up her own company in 1963.
\"She cuts the pattern every night,\" said Gus Reber . \".
\"She\'s a genius with a knife.
She works day and night-
This is amazing.
Gus Reber teaches art during the day and in his spare time, he does delivery and anything else in the company his wife has just set up.
After a series of less popular green handbags, the company has grown rapidly from 4 to 200 employees.
When she was four years old
During his ten-year career, Leibo designed 3,500 packages.
There are about half of the people in the museum next to her house.
Ann Stewart, the collection manager, said the idea of Rebo might come from anywhere
She has seen paintings, pottery, photos, nature, and even groceries.
Rebo Gourmet Collection-
Fresh fruits and vegetables
\"It\'s really interesting,\" Stewart said . \".
The bloody tomatoes look tempting.
Eggplant is a perfect specimen.
What about the bundle of asparagus?
This is the favorite work of sculptor Larry Cullenberg.
His job is to make many 3-
Wax mold for casting Leibo bag.
\"This asparagus has always been my favorite thing I made for her,\" says Kallenberg . \".
\"Lion, Peacock, every day, but an asparagus wallet?
How crazy is this?
She will think of how wonderful it is.
Lebo called him her buddy.
\"I\'m her hand,\" he said . \"
These are all her thoughts.
What I did was to modify it a little bit and I would come up with a design every once in a while.
But basically everything is under her control. . . .
I just did what she said. magnificently —
But they\'re all Judith Reber.
\"Now, nearly 100 people are at the Museum of Art and Design in New York, her first large museum exhibition in more than 20 years.
Exhibition director Samantha de tileo said no woman would put asparagus on her arm until Leber appeared.
\"I think she introduced the idea that handbags could be whimsical and fun, and that humor might fit on the red carpet or the first lady,\" De Tillio explained . \".
\"So I think she created an environment where women want more different things --
Then filled it very successfully.
\"Rebo is now retired.
She likes to sit in her bright and spacious chair. and-art-
Home full of Long Island, Reading the mystery of murder.
\"I was very happy with all the bags I made,\" she said . \".
\"I made all kinds of things, some very classic, some a little crazy, but we made all kinds of things that I thought were very good.
Many others agree.
Some people bought a piece of her art for thousands of dollars.
Not only did they become collector\'s items, they also became biography heir.
To pay tribute, many tourists came to the New York exhibition with Rebo Bao.
Radio editor Tom Cole and network producer Beth Novi contributed to the report.
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