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by:GF bags     2019-08-26
Paris Green or Sheryl Green, the beautiful emerald hue is the nemesis of many deaths among 19 th century women, and even allegedly plays a role in the death of Naples.
If this arsenic-containing dye causes so many deaths to all, then why don\'t we poison you further? Beware!
There is a very dangerous toxic mixture here!
Seriously, there is no poison in this ice cream soda floating. .
If so, it\'s really delicious and a great pleasure for Halloween!
That color, that drama, that delicious food will surely please your guests and ghouls at your next 10 thousand St party.
This Arsenic cream soda is actually a lime-flavored soda with honey vanilla ice cream and a little white chocolate skull sugar and of course dry ice.
Every part of this recipe is homemade and you can try it on my recipe or even buy it in the store --
Customize your special drink with syrup.
So what is the taste of the drink?
If you \'ve ever had a Wall\' s Lime Solero popsicle, the taste is really good.
If you are bold enough, why not add some wine to your adult company?
So, let\'s go to this special Halloween event and brew some poison. . .
Now, before we start, I would like to remind you that we are dealing with dry ice, which can be dangerous if consumed.
That\'s why I took the liberty of making this lovely poison tea label to connect our tea filters full of dry ice.
As you know, eating dry ice accidentally can be fatal as it can cause suffocation and can freeze your throat.
In order to prevent this from happening, the tea bag is large and eye-catching, and the tea bag can be removed once the dry ice is completely sublimated. Let\'s start now!
Please feel free to download the Jpeg print of the poison label I designed.
Print the file to the card, or if you are like me, you can print it on plain A4 paper and paste it on the card with some adhesive spray, it works just as well.
After printing the label, cut the scissors around the label as neatly as possible.
You need some tea bags that you can buy online, or you can secretly cut the tea bags on the top edge with some already filled tea bags and remove the fillings for other purposes.
Make sure there is no filling as it may change the flavor of your syrup. Set aside.
To create a tea label that looks legal, you need to clip the two labels together.
Drop a small piece of hot glue and stick your rope in the middle.
Apply more hot glue on the edge, stick the other label to the other side, and the design faces the outside.
This syrup is very delicious and addictive and you will definitely love this drink if you like the key lime pie.
Ingredients: 2 large lime (
Zest and 3 tablespoons juice)
1/2 glass of water 3/4 cup of white granulated sugar electric green direction: use a micro-plane to take both of your lemons.
Then juicing, you just need 3 tablespoons.
Pour your sugar and water into a small sauce pan.
Heat with medium heat and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved.
Once boiling begins, let it boil gently for 4 minutes.
Then remove from the fire and pour in the juice, zest and 5 drops of e-green food coloring.
Before use, pour into the container and let it cool completely.
This syrup is good to refrigerate for two weeks.
This ice cream is more of a classic base of frozen cream.
If you are using an egg-free ice cream recipe, be sure to increase the amount of corn starch.
You can make any flavor you like best!
I like the taste of honey and vanilla ice cream as it is a supplement to lime soda.
Alternatively, you can also buy ice cream from the store and I would recommend vanilla if you use it.
Ingredients: 1 pint (2 cups)
In milk1 cup white sugar 1/3 cup honey 1/4 cup brown sugar 1/4 cup corn starch egg yolk 1/4 cup activated carbon powder 1 teaspoon vanilla extract: pour your cream, milk, sugar, honey, corn starch into the pot and cook on the medium fire.
Keep stirring your mixture so that the corn starch will not settle to the bottom of the pot and solidify. Around the 10-
After 15 minutes, your mixture will start to thicken.
Then pour a spoon.
Pour your cream mixture into the egg yolk to ease them.
Continue to stir to prevent the knot.
Pour your tempered egg yolk into the pan and continue to stir with medium heat until the mixture is clearly thickened.
Once thickened, remove from the fire and pour in the activated carbon powder and vanilla extract.
The powder is hard to emulsion in thick cream, but just keep stirring and it will eventually be a uniform mixture.
Covered with plastic wrap, the plastic touches the cream freeze to prevent it from peeling off.
Place the mixture for overnight cooling.
Stir your ice cream the next morning until it reaches the consistency of the soft ice cream.
Pour into a container so it can harden a little bit in the fridge until it reaches the consistency of the ice cream you want.
This recipe makes a soft rich ice cream that doesn\'t harden into ice cubes.
For those who don\'t have an ice cream mixer, you can stir your own ice cream by folding the mixture in the fridge every few hours.
To learn more about how I made this very cute mini skull mold, check out last year\'s Halloween post here!
: This Skull Candy, you will need: moonbar white chocolate, fine choppedSkull moldPiping bag, self-sealing bag bagDirections: a pair of boilers that melt your white chocolate until it is smooth and runny.
Pour your meltd chocolate into a pipe or self-sealing bag and dig a small hole.
Squeeze out a little big chocolate in your mold and let it harden completely in the fridge for 30 seconds.
Look at this mini Skull Candy, aren\'t they just super cute?
You will need: 1/2 pound dry ice hammer and pliers for hand cards with stringssecurity GogglesDirections: be careful to hammer your dry ice so you have small pieces about the size of a coin, small enough, can be placed in a tea filter bag.
Place a piece of dry ice inside and fold the end to seal.
Place the other end of your label string at the top of the fold edge and securely bind them.
You need: 1 liter club SodaWhite chocolate skull candy, lime, syrup, black charcoal, honey, Frost, iced tea, bagisa tall glass, like a high
Then pour about 2-
3 tablespoons of our homemade lemon syrup.
Pour your club soda in half the glass.
Don\'t put too much, otherwise it will overflow later.
Then gently put your dry ice tea bag into the soda.
Scoop your ice cream into a glass and it\'s best to soak the dry ice further away and let it bubble heavily.
Discard labels when dry ice is completely sublimated. Enjoy!
Note: now because the ice cream is black, the drink will naturally darken
Gray green.
For those of you who may be a bit off before midnight shades, you can also use vanilla ice cream.
It tastes more or less the same, but the final color will be bright green. . .
It is more lovely than horror, especially for young children. . . .
Whatever your ship is!
Happy Halloween, xoxo.
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