answering the call of the wild

by:GF bags     2019-08-14
Since they started school, we have every year taken a photo of our three children leaving on the first day of school on September.
But in September 2000, only two men were in uniform.
The third man carried a backpack on his back and was ready to teach in the jungle of Borneo.
Since they started school, we have every year taken a photo of our three children leaving on the first day of school on September.
But in September 2000, only two men were in uniform.
The third man carried a backpack on his back and was ready to teach in the jungle of Borneo.
I sent two young children to school and we drove to Heathrow Airport.
David traveled to Kuala Lumpur on his own and when he waved to the passport check and left, he looked very young and didn\'t worry at all.
I don\'t think I\'m crying, but when I stare at the gap in the place where he\'s gone, I feel like I can cry.
As we know, this is the end of family life.
A few days later, a cheerful email was received-thank God for the email!
He said he and his companions met safely in Borneo.
Another one said he had a terrible stomach problem.
Then, when he left civilization, the email remained silent, and our connection was reduced to occasional long letters about the village he lived in, the family he lived in and the surrounding jungle.
We can\'t imagine his world.
He ate in the long house of stilts and went to hunt porcupines at night.
Time rainforest, but we can see that he is good and happy, and we settle down without him-although in a family with only girls now, this dynamic feels very different.
Not only do we miss our son, but we also miss the bass of the car radio that has been heralding the arrival of his friend.
In December, when he was on the road, we felt that he had found his feet in Asia.
We also know that he travels with one of his colleagues, and his email clearly shows that he feels at home in a world of travellers, and therefore, our anxiety about him is just a silent subconscious, like a generator buzzing quietly against the backdrop of our lives.
We really enjoyed his trip in Malaysia, Thailand, India, Nepal and Cambodia.
He told us a lot about where he had been and what he had seen, but probably nothing he wanted us to know.
From our point of view, the low point is one of the few times he emailed us from Borneo, in which he talked about the good times he had with a friend and jumped into the Rock
Scattered rivers from high jungle flyover.
\"It\'s great,\" he wrote . \"
But the locals think we are crazy.
\"Never,\" we wrote in a panic, \"do whatever the locals think is crazy! ! ! !
\"But we know he\'s gone into the jungle and won\'t get our warning for a few weeks.
At this point, the terrible tragedy that plagues all the parents of the interval years comes to our minds, and we find that if the phone rings at a strange time during the day or night, we will jump out of our skin.
The climax was the vividness of his letters and messages;
The joy we get from his pleasure in exploring the world; and the long (and expensive)
We make some phone calls occasionally.
We all talked for more than an hour on Christmas Day-much more than the conversation we had around Turkey.
Then, all of a sudden, we drove to Heathrow again, but this time our heart was light and not heavy.
When he came back from the gate of entry, he looked amazingly the same except for the bronze and the manual gear of the traveler
Leather sandals and woven shoulder bags.
We were very excited to see him, and he seemed very happy to see us.
This is not the end of it.
For a while he enjoyed hot water, free meals and meeting with friends.
But for him, it\'s hard to get used to the dullness of summer work, and we all find ourselves having to make another adjustment-having a child in the House, he has grown up so big that he is eager to leave again.
Parents have worked hard during the gap year.
They have to let their children go, adapt to their absence, and then re-
Adapt to the return of someone who looks a lot like but is actually very different.
If all goes well, the great reward is to find that although your previous family life has become history, you see a new beginning, and I am with an interesting young man, they know themselves and the world better than you in many ways.
\"You can\'t enter different cultures, you can\'t change . \" I was excited at the thought of leaving home for eight months, but nervous --
Traveling around the world, with people I have never seen before, they may not have much English.
I am also worried about teaching, which I do not want to do.
I had a place to work in orang-
However, the challenge of failure and gap gave me a place to teach.
But I felt good when I got to Mili.
I met three other people in Kuala Lumpur who were going to Borneo and they knew we would move on.
Then we met the local representative Samson, who was great.
There are two people in our village.
Nikki and I live with the school\'s vice president, sang, whose wife, Julia, and their children are in a modern house designed by Sang.
The best thing to stay there is hunting and swimming in the jungle, fishing, and living with local families.
The town is eight hours away and on a nice day you can\'t get there at all despite the rain.
But there\'s everything you need in the village.
We ate papaya, pineapple, orange, orange, banana, fish, chicken and rice.
I teach English to 12-year-
Play football with them.
The worst part is not being able to communicate easily, and there is a lot of free time, so sometimes the days are tough.
I may be ready to leave after three months, but I often hope I can get back there from then on!
I was really glad I did it when I started traveling.
Otherwise, you will go from place to place and will never be covered up by a country.
After that, the four of us traveled around and visited the rest of Borneo, then the two of us went through Malaysia and I went to northern Thailand alone.
I really like being alone and being forced to meet new people and go where I want to be when I want.
But with the Internet, you still feel a huge connection with home.
I feel like I \'ve been through a lot in a short period of time, although I don\'t want to sound too new and say I found myself and I don\'t think you can get into a different culture and not be changed.
It makes you grow.
You have to take care of yourself and organize your food and accommodation.
I think when I came back, I felt more independent, at least at the beginning, I was more relaxed about things like time.
When I went to college, I also noticed that people with gap years are very different from people without gap years.
I will say to anyone, please, for a year, but only if this is really what you want to do.
Unfortunately when you travel you meet a lot of people who move from place to place so they can say they have been there.
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