anne frank halloween costume pulled after social media uproar

by:GF bags     2019-09-13
Last weekend, a company removed a controversial Anne Frank Halloween costume from its website, which was heavily criticized on social media.
Halloween costume known as \"Anne Frank Girl Costume.
Com provides a get-
There is a blue long sleeve button on it
Brown shoulder bag, Green Beret.
The company described Frank as a World War II hero and source of inspiration, adding, \"We can always learn from the struggle of history.
\"This costume has caused a huge stir on social media, and users are angry that the company is using Frank\'s memory to sell the costume.
Carlos gatlindo-\"there\'s a better way to commemorate Anne Frank
Spokesman for the anti-corruption organization, Elvira
Slander league of Arizona
\"This is not one.
We should not despise her memory as a costume.
\"Anne Frank has become one of the most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust, and her diary hidden in the Netherlands between 1942 and 1944 was published to the international community.
She is believed to have died during the period from February to March 1945 in the outbreak of typhoid in Bergen
Belson concentration camp in northern Germany
Her diary was discovered by her father, the only surviving family member of the Holocaust and first published in 1947.
The diary was later translated into 60 languages.
Alexandra Devitt, spokeswoman for Anne Frank\'s mutual respect Center, said in a statement to Fox News that the dress was \"offensive\" and \"belittled her pain\"
\"The way to honor Anne Frank\'s legacy is more appropriate than the Halloween costume, which offended her and played down her pain during the Holocaust and the suffering of millions of people,\" DeVitt said . \".
\"We are glad that the costume was pulled down.
In response to the dispute, Ross Walker Smith, a spokesman for Halloween costumes, said.
Com, apologized for \"any offense it caused\" and noted that the company not only made costumes for Halloween, but also for many uses.
\"Not only do we sell Halloween costumes, but we also sell many uses other than the Halloween season, such as school programs and theater,\" Walker Smith said on Twitter . \".
\"We have passed feedback on this dress and have now been removed from the website.
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