Amazon Prime Video star Richard Hammond and family allegedly gassed and robbed

by:GF bags     2019-09-07
Amazon\'s top video star Richard Hammond and a group of family and friends were poisoned while sleeping in the French Riviera in July and robbed by thieves, the wife of the \"big tour\" host claimed.
Mindy Hammond told the Express that she was a columnist and when her daughter found her watch missing one morning at their San Tropez holiday home, they knew something was wrong.
They then found that all the guests\' wallets and wallets had been stolen in cash.
\"I\'m pretty sure we must have been poisoned because they\'re in all the bedrooms-they go where they want to go, go into every room, open and close the drawers, search for handbags, etc. Hammond said.
It is well known that thieves in the area use anesthetic gas to knock down their targets before entering their home.
F1 drivers Jenson Button and football star Patrick Vieira had previously suspected that they were victims of similar attacks.
Hammond quoted the fact that everyone slept later than usual on the morning of the crime, which was additional evidence of gasoline being used, but he thought she was almost running away --
Be with the offender before it takes effect.
\"I went downstairs into the corridor.
The door into the living room was closed, she said, but I heard a male voice behind the door.
\"I thought it was another couple who stayed up late to sleep.
It was actually a thief.
Let my blood cool.
I can walk in easily, which may be unpleasant.
On the same night, a nearby villa was also robbed, and two days later the swindler was photographed and arrested.
However, for the rest of the holiday, the Hammonds family hired a security guard.
Fox News Motor Company\'s interview with Richard Hammond: coming auto reporter hamondeyuan is not the first unfortunate, he was seriously injured last year while driving an electric supercar on a hill, on 2006, he was in a coma for two weeks after hitting a rocket --
A power car with a speed of 288 miles per hour.
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