Air conditioner enters the factory workshop

This summer, in the city of Shenzhen, the average outdoor temperature reached 32 degrees Celsius, and in our factory, during working hours, because many people are gathered in the same space, so the indoor temperature is two to three degrees Celsius higher than the outdoor temperature, even if the indoor fans and exhaust fans are all working, but still not significantly lower the room temperature.

In May, just after Labor Day, our company purchased a batch of large individual air conditioners and installed them in our workshop. During working hours, we leave the machine running and set the temperature at 27 degrees Celsius, and within half an hour the whole workshop will reach that temperature, so the workers are able to work in a relatively comfortable environment.

When the air conditioning program was implemented, it was well received by the workers, meaning the working conditions became more comfortable and they no longer had to endure the heat to do their jobs. Our company is also becoming more and more comprehensive in terms of work welfare for our employees. We have been improving our work system and welfare benefits, and last year we obtained the BSCI certificate, thanks to our workers are also becoming more and more agreeable to our company.

Last year, the epidemic had just occurred and coincided with the Chinese New Year, because of these two reasons, employees were willing to stay at home all the time and were reluctant to come out to work, so many factories were quite slow to resume their business, but employees in our factory were willing to return to the factory when we open to resuming, they happy to cooperate with the factory’s epidemic prevention work and resume production on time under such a difficult situation, which reflects the employees’ sense of identity and belonging to our company, and is inseparable from our deep concern for the employees, and we will keep improving our social responsibility and welfare system in the future to create a more comfortable working environment for the employees, also improve productivity, and achieve a win-win situation.

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