accused killer of missing teens charged following new evidence almost 20 years later

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Ashley Freeman and Lauria St. scriptures have been missing in Craig County for 15 years, just outside the town of Welch.
Courtesy: Fox 23 newys Loria Bible and Ashley Freeman.
Image source: Craig County Sheriff\'s Office/National Center for Missing and Exploited Children provided two of the best friends to go missing almost 20 years ago, the secrets surrounding their final resting place at the age of 16 were not resolved.
But a series of Polaroid photos showed us that the murder victim, Lauria Bibles and Ashley Freeman, were tied and stuffed by their alleged murderer, which led to a man
Ronnie Dean Brick was charged with four first charges on Monday
First-degree murder, two kidnappings and one first-degree murder.
Arson related to the death of a Thunder couple and the disappearance of 16 peopleyear-
Old daughter and her friendsThe 66-year-
Old was accused of shooting Danny and Kathy Freeman, whose body was found in a burning home in Craig County on December 30, 1999.
Investigators believe the couple\'s daughter, Ashley Freeman, and her friend, Lauria Bibles, were later killed even though their bodies were never found.
Mr. Busick said he had no idea where the missing victims were, but he was willing to talk to their families.
He made the remarks after being extradited from Kansas on Wednesday to the Oklahoma City prison.
\"If he wants to talk to his family, he must know something,\" Lorene Barle said . \" Laurie\'s mother.
Ashley Freeman and Laurie Bibles were both 16 years old when they disappeared in 1999.
Source: FacebookRonnie Busick for two 16-year-
The death of a teenage girl and her parents.
Image: Harvey County Kansas Sheriff\'s Office/APSource: The authorities provided the charges a few years after the initial investigation turned cold, but authorities said a recent review found new evidence, including testimony linking Mr. Busick and two other men to the murder.
Warren Philip \"Phil\" welch ii and David Pennington are the possible reasons for the other two men named \"the girl involved in murder and missing\" in the affidavit,
On December 2017, Craig County Sheriff Heath Winfrey provided investigators with previously unknown notes and documents he found citing Freeman/Bible cases.
It is reported that the former sheriff\'s government has hidden the information cache, which also includes the names of witnesses who \"may have information.
It turns out that more than a dozen people with information on terrorist crimes have been silent for nearly 20 years, and some have, out of fear of their own lives, made up of court affidavits obtained by the force.
Several witnesses said the accused murderer had taken photos of the victim\'s Polaroid as a trophy.
According to The Washington Post, there are rumors that about a dozen photos are hidden in a soft leather briefcase.
In some pictures, the missing teenager is tied to a bed, facing each other, tied and stuffed with his mouth.
Someone else showed the girl\'s pipe. Attached to the chair
A witness told the police that she had seen the photos before and that she had observed Welch lying next to the girl in a bed she recognized as his \"in some polarizers \".
It is reported that St. Raulia and Ashley Freeman were abducted, tortured and murdered.
Image: Clay County Sheriff\'s Office/American country Missing and Exploited ChildrenSource: the woman of Welch supply said she had encountered this and he told her, \"you don\'t tell anyone, otherwise you will be in a pit in Picher [Oklahoma]
Like the two girls. com reported.
She said Welch threatened to kill her and her children several times and threw them in the same pit as the two girls.
Another witness told investigators that when he lived with his mother and Pennington, Welch and Pennington showed him the polarization of the girl and \"told
Although the law enforcement authorities in the state of oclarah have never found the photos, the missing photos have been burned down to become the memory of enough witnesses and an important clue to unlock a terrible cold case,
Authorities said several witnesses said the men had killed members of the Freemasons for defaulting on drugs.
According to an affidavit, a witness said: \"Busick told him how the girls were tied to Picher\'s trailer where they were raped and tortured.
The authorities believe the teenagers may be buried in a pit near piher Hill. Pishir was once a mining town in the state of Oaxaca, but it has basically been abandoned due to pollution.
The area is about 150 km kilometers northeast of Tulsa.
\"You know, it\'s been 18 years since it\'s been missed,\" said Lonnie leforth, Laurie\'s uncle . \".
\"I \'ve never seen a girl on her 18 th birthday, 21, high school, college, none of this. ” megan. palin@news. com.
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