A New High Efficiency Equipment ( ET BAG SYSTEM )

With development of the company ( GF factory ), a new high efficiency equipment

(ET BAG SYSTEM as below photos ), it have been introduced at early of April.

 In 2020 in order to well meet fast-grow request from clients overseas.

It was process by hand ( slowly speed ) per traditional way to fulfill the paper-pattern of bags, however, it is very fast and easy to work this case automatically by the new equipment after we input all data and technical drawings into the main machine ( computer ).

There are much advantages ( as below ) once we process this project by the new equipment.

1) : high efficiency of the work-capacity ( from 2 days shorten into 2-3 hours )

2) : all data can be easy and convenient for copy / storage and find all them even   long time ( a few years )

 3 ): all procedures ( from material-organization into cutting ) was process automatically by the equipment, it was save much both on time and labour cost.

 4 ): fast -evaluate for the usage of each kind of materials, by this way, it take much advantage for offering cost and quotations.

 New Technology, Great prosperity in 2020 for GF!


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