A luxury hangover

by:GF bags     2019-08-27
I recently spent an afternoon at the gorgeous end of the Natick series.
The people there seemed very happy to see me.
The sales staff here greeted me with a happy smile.
At Nordstrom, I asked to try on a pair of shoes and the sales assistant came back with three more possibilities.
At Burberry, a good salesman was very excited to show me a $2,350 plaid bag with black ocean patterns embedded in it, even though my own bag --
A $16 target number with baby vomiting on it
\"You were cheated, sir.
\"This has the pocket of your phone,\" he said with hope. The airy, wood-and-
The addition of stones that turned shopping malls into collectibles last year was actually deserted.
One or Two Wells
Women in high heels
More sneaky mothers sped past the window with strollers.
After careful inspection
Men in clothes sit outside the dressing room
The room in a dimly lit shop turned out to be a model of a human body.
This part of the mall looks like a huge diorama, documenting a gorgeous, ancient culture.
Developers spend a lot of money in this place so they can charge ridiculous rents to luxury retailers and sell expensive refrigerators to status seekers in the suburbs.
It\'s just that it turns out that there aren\'t enough customers here to keep the jump in the place, and as the bottom of the economy drops, their meager ranks fade away.
There are serious problems everywhere in the luxury market.
Over the past decade or so, it\'s disgusting to see the consumption explosion at the top of the economy.
We have reached such an obvious level of indulgence that the post-80 s look like a positive ascetic.
Cynical propaganda has turned the brand into a frenzy, expanding their influence on the economic ladder.
In addition to advertising in magazines, Louis Vuitton has handed the \"It bag\" this season to Lindsay Rohan or other train wrecks.
She was photographed with her wallet and the pictures were everywhere.
A group of pigs saw it and rushed to get a bag, and the supply of the bag was strictly controlled.
Before you know it, the $3,360 Vuitton Surya packagea monogram-
Named after the Hindu god, the covered calf handbag travels through the sky in a chariot
Looks normal.
This ambitious marketing goal is not only a small number of people who can afford these products, but also a larger group that can\'t --16-year-
Old people who only beg their parents for a ridiculous bag every year, or who are willing to sink into debt to buy the envy of others.
When I hosted Surya at Natick\'s empty Vuitton store, I thought: if this recession soars these consumers --
If it makes a large piece of expensive letter-combined leather rare again, even ridiculous --then good.
This gave me a sense of satisfaction that lasted about 30 seconds.
Because the fate of those sales people who cannot be fashionable is closely related to the fate of the ridiculous luxury market, they gently stare at the fake birch trees and brown leather chairs on the promenade.
Like the courier who shipped the goods, the cleaner who let the display cabinet shine, the woman who worked in the mall kiosk, the kitchen staff who worked in the food court.
This recession is not aimed at people who have made billions of dollars from our crazy demons. may-care economy.
It doesn\'t pick out the greedy lenders who have accumulated billions of dollars to give people mortgages they can\'t afford, or those short term loans
A visionary manufacturer who refuses to develop fuel
Efficient cars, or crazy rich company leaders who soar to more dazzling wealth on these handbags.
Their house was not redeemed.
They won\'t lose their jobs online.
They are not standing in the empty shop of the Natick series and look worried.
However, there is a bright spot in the collection.
A grocery store selling scraping tickets in the food court is jumping.
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