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What\'s behind-to-
School messaging is everywhere, and many children already feel the weight of the world on their shoulders.
Thrown into a heavy backpack, they not only drag the burden of pain, but also have a potential danger.
Overloading and oversized backpacks is a big pain!
The doctor says they may eventually send the child to the doctor\'s office.
Scott Bautch is a chiropractor specializing in occupational health and ergonomics.
\"Due to carrying backpacks that are too heavy for a child\'s physical ability and an increasing number of sedentary lifestyles, children report back pain at a similar rate as adults.
\"Children rarely wear them properly except for overloading and heavy.
\"If the fashion backpack is not properly worn for a long time, it will not only cause pain in the back, shoulder or neck, but also changes in posture and gait,\" the chiropractor reported . \". ca.
Whether it is today or in the future, it will affect the child\'s muscle and bone health.
To help your child avoid back, neck and shoulder pain, consider the following tips for Bautch and acatoday.
Org:-make sure your child\'s fashion backpack weighs no more than 5-10% of his or her weight.
The heavier backpack will bend your child forward in an attempt to support the weight on his or her back rather than supporting the shoulder with a strap.
-The length of the backpack cannot exceed 4 inch of the waist circumference.
Hanging on a backpack that is too low increases the weight on your shoulders, causing your child to lean forward while walking.
-Urge your child to wear shoulder straps at the same time.
While stylish, dragging a backpack with a strap can cause excessive weight to one side, causing neck and muscle cramps, and low weightback pain.
-Choose a backpack with broadband padding.
-Adjustable shoulder straps are selected.
The backpack should be installed on your child.
Too loose straps can cause the backpack to shake uncomfortably and cause dislocation and pain in the spine.
* Keep your child organized, sober, um-fed and de-
Education expert Vanessa Vakharia is the founder of themguru, which he highlighted with these backpack hackers.
Healthy snacks!
Hungry Kids Eat Everything, and high-sugar snacks can cause crashes and burns.
\"Fill the child\'s backpack with healthy snacks so they can refuel when they feel tired.
The key is a super cool pencil case.
When your child comes home, their backpacks are often a mess because they randomly cram their supplies into their bags.
\"Buy a pencil case big enough to accommodate everything, cool enough that they will want to use it, which will solve the problem completely,\" Vakharia said . \". – A no-
Water bottle.
Hydration is important to stimulate attention and prevent fatigue.
\"Make sure it\'s dripping-
Proof of avoiding backpack disaster!
Again, let your kids pick one they like so they are more likely to use it.
Notebook or binder?
The debate is fierce, but the way to go is the binder.
\"It helps the children to sort out the notes and worksheets and make sure everything is in one place,\" she added . \".
Make sure your child\'s binder also has lining paper.
-Throw it in-binder 3-hole puncher.
There are no longer crumpled worksheets.
\"Buy one of three apartments --
The hole punch that sits in your child\'s binder-all they have to do is punch holes, stick the binder in the binder, and look!
\"-Pencil, eraser, highlighter, No.
Mess pencil sharpener, pencil crayons and marker pen-all these things are available at the local dollar store.
\"There is no real difference between being so cheap.
* Keep in mind that backpacks are not only the carrier of books, but also an extension of their personality.
If your child insists on fashion rather than functionality, make sure the load is light.
To better live and organize books, pencil cases, and even gadgets and water bottles, many people come with special compartments.
For students in high school or college, they need high storage capacity, good zoning, and of course style.
The adjustable straps and padded backplates help relieve the pressure on those heavy textbooks, laptops and other gadgets.
We will support you!
Look at these backpacks-some backpacks with large styles or features: stylish brown leather student backpack tribal backpack from Roots features and rich in fashion; $288, roots.
Color fox and raccoon printed comMEC primary school bag will give a smile to any child\'s face; $47, mec.
CaThe pink North Face mini Berkeley kids day pack is great for school on weekdays and hiking on weekends for $49. 99; sportchek.
The undeniable black red backpack of CaUA meets the requirements of comfort and compartment; $79. 99, underarmour.
The purple comUA Downtown Pack comes with an ergonomic shoulder strap and a foam padded back panel; $84. 99, underarmour. comThe light-
The WillLand Outdoors blue Victoria backpack has a wider body and is the perfect choice for storing laptops and textbooks;
You can buy $98 at the store.
Outdoors. com.
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