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by:GF bags     2019-09-20
Starting at around $100, TheKelty Impact 30 backpack offers comfort, durability, and plenty of clever storage.
It\'s big enough for an outdoor weekend trip, but it\'s not so big that you can\'t use it every day in the city to ship things.
If you are an experienced hunter, climber, survivor or super light camper, please move on: there are a lot of individual loading and cargo shipping solutions that fit your particular needs better than what I\'m talking about here.
If you are looking for a commuter optimization package designed primarily for a laptop or designer, this is not it.
This is a bag suitable for light adventure and can still work well in daily environment.
Trust me: I had to go through the internet for almost 14 hours in order to find the impact 30.
This bag is a high quality backpack that fits them in most cases.
Now that we have solved the problem, let\'s talk about the basic backpack.
Kelty is a 30-liter bag that is designed to be compact enough to accommodate supplies for the day, while still large enough to accommodate an adequate overnight trip.
The size of the backpack is usually between 20 and 50 liters.
For most people, the 30-liter daily outfit should be big enough.
If you use a 30-liter bag on your way to and from work, you can easily carry your laptop, lunch, gym change and a packaged rain jacket.
Take it to the woods and it will drag the rain jacket you mentioned earlier, water, a small first aid kit, food for the day, a base that can withstand the cold if needed, toilet paper (which you want) and any other items you want.
Because the content of a fully loaded package itself is enough to slow you down, you\'ll want the package itself to be as light as possible-but not light, so much so that the packaging will sacrifice the sturdy structure in the name of a few more ounces.
We chose 30 as the right size for most people, as the 20-liter bag is the best fit to wear while running or riding a bike, but there is not enough gear;
The 40 litre bag is ideal for a long weekend, but in a town it\'s a bit too big to carry every day.
What are we looking for in a wide bag
Padded shoulder straps and integrated or removable waist-belt.
The chest strap is nice too-
It will keep your shoulder straps from riding all the time and not inappropriate.
The packaging of the panel loader design is feasible.
The panel loading package is designed to pass U-
Zip case with shape on the back.
Unlike the top loader that only allows access to the goods through the top opening of the package, the panel loader allows access to everything you carry, whether it is at the top, middle or bottom of the bag.
Finally, because you will carry your gear back on your back, you will want a daypack designed to provide the maximum amount of airflow and ventilation in contact with your body.
It won\'t stop you from becoming sweaty and sweaty-backed, but it will make you feel more comfortable than a non-ventilated package, sweat-draining material or gas-jerking.
Kelty Impact 30 is able to solve all these problems perfectly.
Let\'s start by talking about the size, straps and fit of Impact 30.
Kelty designed a bag for torsos 15. 5 to 19.
5 inch long, which means it will be a comfortable fit for most adults.
Today, many manufacturers only offer hardware that is common to men and women, and Kelty continues to provide their equipment in the men and women iteration.
The difference between the two straps and the belt design.
The body of a woman is different from that of a man.
Daypack with male and female versions addresses the unique anatomical differences between men and women.
For both versions of Impact 30, the straps are sewn into an internal aluminum suspension system with a spring-loaded mesh back plate with a buffered shoulder blade and waist pad
Features usually found in larger and more expensive prices
for a day or adventure.
When you hit 30 with one shoulder on your way through airport security, you may find the suspension system a pain, but when you are properly tied to the straps and belts of your fashion backpack, you\'ll be glad it\'s there as it offers a lot of comfort and-since the package is about a quarter of an hour higher than the mesh back panel-offers a higher than average breathability.
All of this translates into impact, with 30 owners able to walk more comfortably on hills and valleys for longer periods of time without needing rest.
This is an important point in my choice to influence 30 as our goal --
For daypack for this story: in order to reduce the weight and cost of their daypack, many manufacturers choose to abandon the use of internal structures or frames.
If there is no frame in your bag, you can still drag what you need from point A to Point B
Anyone with a bag can prove this.
But with a frame bag, everything changes: the way the bag is placed on your back, how much airflow is allowed between the package and your body, and the way the load is balanced and distributed on your body, are affected by the structured framework.
So, Kelty\'s having an aluminum frame for those who intend to use it just to work back and forth might not be a big deal-in fact, the frame might be more cumbersome than its value, because it doesn\'t bend and doesn\'t yield in a way that\'s easy to slide on a crowded subway.
If you need to stuff it into a locker in the gym, it can also cause you some trouble.
But loaded with heavy books, laptops, or outdoor gear, when you hit the ground on a trek through town, or go out for a day of orientation, A simple light frame is a good thing.
Impact of the 30 th.
I can\'t find other products with the same price range or capacity as Impact 30.
When you take into account everything else that daypack is equipped with, it\'s a steal.
Of course, it would be useless to have a great strap and suspension system without a well
Design cargo loading solution attached above.
Fortunately, the impact of 30 is also happening.
As its name implies, the impact 30 is 30 liters of packaging
This is big enough to meet the needs of most users who want to carry the supplies and kits they need to support their day\'s adventures.
Remember in front of this story, when I tell you the difference between the panel and the top load pack, the Impact 30 is the panel loader: this feature becomes more important when you want to find something in a wet or dirty environment.
No one wants to take their gear out of their fashion backpack in the heavy rain to find the basic gear.
This is the case you can face with the top loader.
This is something you can avoid when you affect 30.
Also, the bottom of the bag is around 20% used to hold a sleeping bag, but it can be used to hold a jacket or sweater or anything you want to easily touch through the top of the bag.
When it comes to rain, Kelty has equipped the Impact 30 with a packable rainfall device that accumulates rain in a compartment at the bottom of the bag.
In addition to the rain cover, many other cargo features are available on the outside of Impact 30.
Most of them are like load stabilizer straps for backpacks, zip belt pockets, shoulder strap pockets large enough to accommodate GPS devices or mobile phones, map pockets, it turns out, compression straps and double water bottle pockets are very useful for you.
Others, like the ice in the package.
Only a small number of users will love the axe or the hiking Rod ring.
Inside the main zip compartment of Impact 30, there is a pocket to slide the 100 oz liquid hydration bladder into (and a center hole at the top of the package that winds the reservoir\'s feed through ).
There are also two small internal storage pockets at the bottom of the main compartment, a zip pocket, perfect for passport or wallet storage, and a partition to help you sort out the contents of Impact 30.
There\'s nothing in the backpack, weighing 3 pounds.
Given the strength of the aluminum suspension system of Impact 30 and the fact that the bag is made with 300D polyester speed, 210D polyester HD and 420D ballistic fabric, the weight is very reasonable.
I never heard of Kelty when I went into the work.
My background has made me very familiar with packaging and gear manufacturers that traditionally cater to law enforcement and military users, such as Blackhawk, Tactical Tailor and Maxpedition.
The packaging designed for entertainment purposes is a bit mysterious to me.
I talked to a few friends who often go hiking, camping and traveling.
They told me to come and see the Sierra Leone design of the bag, Batagonia, Deuter, Mountainsmith and the Osprey.
I also looked at the latest daypack and Tech Pack series for North Face, but they didn\'t provide the right combination of capacity, functionality, and price.
I saw it-
Housing packages provided by REI and Mountain EquipmentOp.
I also looked at bags that would be more suitable for those who are more likely to venture on their own within the city: Tagus, timbu2 and always amazing Tom Beane.
I found Kelty Impact 30 almost by accident.
Overall, this bag is a mystery.
At the time of writing this story, there is no comment on the pack of any male or female versions on Amazon.
We checked the Thule, cococoon, Mountain Hardware as per the reader\'s requirements, they are too city-oriented (all flash), either book bags or backpacker bags that are overstocked.
Editorial comments on this package are almost as scarce.
I can only find one from GearGuide\'s editor-this site has reviewed a lot of gears in the last two years.
I don\'t know the background of the editors, but their work is basically thoughtful and well-founded.
GearGuide grants Kelty impact 30 collection.
Out of 5 stars, 5 are raving about it, saying \"with the agile suspension system, Kelty offers a hell of a daypack.
It is comfortable, stable and able to carry a large number of gears.
Everything from the ventilation system to the building is well thought outin rain cover.
If you\'re looking for a rock-solid backpack to get you through a season or more, or a hike, be sure to check out Kelty Impact \".
I also contacted Stephen Regenold of GearJunkie to give him a full overview of Kelty.
He told me that they were good brands he liked and offered \"fair price and good performance \".
While there is very little feedback on impact 30, the network does provide a lot of positive reviews for Kelty\'s other products, including backpacks, children\'s back bags and sleeping bags.
Nevertheless, a pleasant idea of the rest of the company\'s equipment does not mean that everything Kelty makes will be great and great value, and soI orders an Impact 30, and tested with a friend\'s high-tech series 59104 Lightning 30 Osprey Manta 30, the Deuter Trans 30 daypack purchased from Mountain Equipment Inc.
Op and my personal night vision FalconII backpack.
All daypacks I\'m testing have similar weights, structures, and features other than the Falcon
II: Although it weighs 3 pounds as much as Impact 30, it has only 25 liters of capacity.
I tested each pack and started a 5 mile hike, a 20 pound pot Bell stuck in its main compartment, and 100 ounces of water in a hydrated bladder or
The hike takes place in two days, each day at a height of 68 degrees Fahrenheit.
Since I have been driving my desk for several years, I don\'t have any similar good figures anymore.
As a result, I sweat like a pig and wear all my backpacks.
But I have to tell you that when I\'m wearing Kelty Impact 30, my back is sweating a lot less.
In my opinion, this is largely due to the fact that the hanging frame of the package and the mesh back plate create a channel for the airflow between my sweating, the body is deformed, it drags 23 pounds of daypack and kettlebell.
Given that all tested packages have similar features, similar build quality (except Falcon II built like a tank) can be found online or online for $100-$160
Shop, the extra comfort that Impact 30 offers me.
It also comes with a built-in
Flying in the rain, it looks sharp and doesn\'t hurt.
Nevertheless, the fact that it is basically not reviewed may prevent some of you from buying it.
I can understand, but you may want to consider the fact that while the packaging is relatively unknown, the company itself has been there since 1950.
I don\'t care what business you\'re talking about.
Whether it\'s a deli, an outdoor maker or a dance studio
If you live so long, you must be doing the right thing.
It is also worth mentioning that the Impact 30 comes with a lifetime warranty, which makes the package alliance with companies like REI, who are known for their not picky returns, osprey with all their strong guarantees-send them your bag and they will replace it if they can\'t do a functional fix on it
But maybe you don\'t want a 30-liter bag.
This may be something you are looking for that is lighter or more functional.
If so, the Osprey Talon 22 is a great choice.
Talon 22 will provide you with a hydration bladder and rain shield for just $84-
The compatible day pack is big enough to cram all the basics needed for a day\'s adventure, but light enough to be the perfect choice to hop on a bike
The fact that Talon 22 is equipped with an integrated clip for stationary bike helmets highlights a concept.
Again, you won\'t be able to exceed their warranty.
If you plan to get rid of it all for more than a day, say maybe the whole weekend, or if you carry kits and supplies for yourself and your children, you may want to be a little bigger
As the name suggests, the REI lookout 40 is a 40-liter backpack. It costs $100—
Nearly $45 cheaper than men\'s 30 iterations-
And comes with some very sweet features like compression band and inner sleeve of the hydration bladder.
That is to say, it is made of PET polyester fabric.
It may be hard to get hit on the road to home to Disney World, but I won\'t bet it will stand up to any abuse from the Bush administration.
However, all REI\'s gear has a lifetime warranty, so it\'s no big deal if you need to replace it.
But hey, maybe you\'re not going to the jungle at all.
It\'s cool: not everyone likes bugs and campfire.
All the bags I took out for the road test have one thing in common, that is, they are not specifically designed for office staff and city antics.
For anyone who likes their bags, it\'s more a visit to computers, gadgets and museums, and you\'ll want to take a serious look at Tom Bihn in Seattle.
Their 26-liter Smart Alec and 19-liter synapses are great packages designed to cope with daily grind more than grinding in a ditch.
Both are as tough as nails and are full of features that are crazy to use.
Finally, for those who seem to have a good balance between indoor and outdoor and work and entertainment, the kelty Impact 30 backpack is our ideal recommendation, we will recommend it to you in our reputation.
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