A fabulous Chritsmas Eve-dine together with Gao Feng members

The winter wind is roaring outside the window, and with the ringing of the bell in December, we ushered in a new Christmas. In such a lively and cheerful day, our Gao Feng families have a great Christmas Eve together!

In the afternoon, we all received sweet candy cane and chocolate. My frinends who got the Christmas candies were happy with big smile on their faces and said: “This is the taste of Christmas.” After that, we had a wonderful evening. We had a super sumptuous dinner together and took a “family portrait” at the end. We came from different places, gathered at Gao Feng, and became family members here, growed together, and left a beautiful witness after another.

After Christmas comes the New Year! Happy new year to all friends of Gao Feng!  Looking forward to next year’s today, Gao Feng’s friends will meet again. I wish us a healthy and happy New Year, and Gao Feng a flourishing new year,our customers a joyful holiday season.

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