A brief introduction to leather bag

As a professional leather bag manufacturer rich in experience, Shenzhen Gaofeng bags Co., Ltd. is adept at manufacturing real leather bag and custom various leather bags. In this article, as a leather bag connoisseur taking the lead among bag factories, Gaofeng is going to walk you through leather bag knowledge and bring you up to speed. Hop in and tight your seat belt, let’s dive in now.

Real leather bag is that people produces bag from fur of animals after treatment, namely after hair removal, oil removal, drying, dyed into various colors, and through professional handbag factory into a variety of formats of men’s bags, women’s bags, children’s bags, as well as a variety of wallets, purses.

Animals that can be applied to make real bags include cattle, sheep, horses, crocodiles, snakes and even fish.

These can be used to make all kinds of leather bags, so that people enjoy a good life!


Real leather bags are loved by many women because of their good quality. However, the cleaning and care of real leather bags is a very important task. Only when you use it carefully can it last for a long time and keep fresh. As is known to all, genuine leather handbag is more delicate, bag material of all cleaning and maintenance is not good, as long as you pay little attention to your leather handbag, leather bags will be damaged because of your negligence, in order to prolong the service life of leather handbags, according to leather knowledge and personal experience, this section is to talk about leather bags in details: how to clean and upkeep leather bags.

Method of leather bag upkeeping should place handbag for a long time in good condition, the most important thing is not to ignore the daily maintenance, generally leather bag is use two, three days, after which, it can take a day off, and go home after cleaning and maintenance, also if you want to in a timely manner to leather bag to package something out, you should remove dust, wipe gently, in order to ensure leather bags away from deformation, it is best to bag stuffed with paper.

If there’s dirt or dust at the seams or in the inner corners of leather bag, it won’t get rid of even if  bag is flipped upside down and shaken, which is also a hygiene dead end to daily leather bag cleaning. At this point, you can use the front end of the vacuum cleaner equipped with suction nozzle to clean dust. After vacuuming metal clips, handlebars or details, wipe them with cotton swab or paper above toothpick rolls.

In addition, if you notice skin pollution of leather bag, covered with cloth or milk,  those can be directly wiped. At this point, if will be able to clean cream directly on leather bag, possibly because of spots can not be removed, so it must be touched with cloth to take wipe. Of corner flake, or after frayed, besmear with the mark pen of same color with leather bag is not too conspicuous.

When bag of white leather is yellowish, you can put a few neutral cleaner on toothbrush, wipe whole bag, sew a part, go with old toothbrush clear can. When there is dirt attached to leather bag, gently wipe it with an eraser, and finally apply it carefully with colorless leather paste for careful cleaning. In addition, for tawny bags, you can try wiping them with peel of banana, which will make leather bags brighter and cleaner. Elegant fair maiden, in addition to ensure neatness of all your clothes, leather bags are clean and neat, one of the measure is whether you is a lady, oh, think of when a very glamorous fashion beauty from before you walk through, and her back bags is defiled, even if she’s wearing beautiful again, it is hard to let your rising goodwill.

Therefore, as fashion people, we must learn knowledge of leather bag cleaning and care, we must not neglect the daily cleaning of bags. Generally speaking, when cleaning leather bags, we need to choose cleaning brush or clean cotton cloth according to material of bag. This is also to ensure that bag will not be damaged due to the wrong cleaning method.

Leather kind of bag can use high-density nano sponge to wipe clean, if slight smudgy,  use the white eraser of ordinary wipe pencil to wipe away quietly;

For serious smudges, a high-density nano sponge can be wiped clean with water, and color should be wiped on the inconspicuous parts before wiping, and then cleaned and maintained with dermal bag care agent, so as to extend its service life.

And clean nylon material bag and cloth bread, use the wet cloth without water to quietly press the bag appearance, in addition to silk, silk and satin bag,  try to brush with toothpaste to do part of the cleaning.

More useful tips and bag trends , stay tuned from Shenzhen Gaofeng bags Co., Ltd.

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