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8 ice cream hacks you need to know before summer ends

by:GF bags     2019-08-24
To prevent the melted ice cream from leaking from the bottom of the cone tip, plug the hole with marshmallow before adding any ice cream to the top.
This will also give you a great treat when you\'re almost finished, as marshmallow absorbs some ice cream.
Or if you like this apartment
Cake cone at the bottom, you can cut a hole from the paper tray (
Or coffee filter)
And use it as a drop-
Catcher when you eat ice cream in hot summer.
In order to prevent ice cream from forming crystals on ice cream during freezing, put the carton in the self-sealing bag before freezing.
It will help protect your ice cream from any changes in temperature that may cause ice cubes to form.
Send ice cream to many people at the party? Scoop single-
Provide parts in the individual slots of the muffin tin plate and place them in the refrigerator or large ice box before taking them out.
To make serving easier, place them in a silicone muffin cup or cupcake pad inside a tin can.
Didn\'t you think so far?
If your ice cream is in a cardboard container, you can cut out separate food with a knife.
Also, there is no ice cream hack like making your own ice cream
No need to go to the fridge aisle or the local ice cream shop.
Check out my past guide on making homemade ice cream using empty coffee cans, using self-sealing bags and ice or using dry ice.
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