7 film adaptations the author hated for insane reasons

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While books are often a source of inspiration for filmmakers, Hollywood is not always notable. to-
Because books are for nerds, who cares what they think.
It is understandable that this is usually not in tune with the writer.
But that doesn\'t mean the author is always right. -
In fact, some of our favorite movies are books that Hollywood \"ruined\" in the eyes of authors. Movies like . . .
\"American mental illness\" is a perennial favorite of a mentally abnormal yuppie in New York in the 1980 s. He may or may not be a serial killer, depending on how you interpret the film.
Christian Bell\'s secondmost-
Famous character after his work.
But for Brett Easton Ellis, the author of the film, there are two reasons for the film\'s failure: it has no penis with the director.
In Ellis\'s view, his book is not to be filmed because of its flowof-
The narrative of consciousness cannot faithfully adapt to the visual media (
To be fair, the book is done in a rambling and incoherent way of revenge fantasy, which is usually scribbled in the notebook of the bus station locker).
Ellis believes that the central ambiguity of the story was destroyed by a naked Christian Bell chasing a prostitute in the hallway with a chainsaw, because seeing it came to the conclusion that it actually happened, instead of just happening in the mind of the character.
According to Ellis, there is no ambiguity or metaphor in the film, which seems to indicate that he has never seen a film by David Lynch.
But according to Ellis, another problem with the film is.
Asked about his views on director Mary Harun, Ellis said, \"I think it\'s a medium that really builds for male gaze and male emotion.
I mean, the best art is not indifferent, but neutral [toward]
I think this sentiment can be a trap for female directors.
He also won an Oscar.
Award-winning director Catherine Bigelow\'s career is only because she is a \"very sexy woman \".
\"Hey, you can call him a bean bag if you want, but you can\'t deny that the movie camera was invented by a man and operated by a testicles.
Guys, this is just biology.
That\'s why if someone hands you a movie camera, you shouldn\'t touch it without gloves.
\"Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory\" is a movie that has succeeded in making generations of viewers fall in love with a child predator who is unapologetic.
Given Roald Dahl\'s unusually creepy nature, the world-
The famous children\'s writer who wrote the source novel, Darl hated that the film was not dark enough, which may not be surprising.
Dahl was out of line with the film from the beginning.
He supported the director Mel Stewart, insisting that the man was \"without any talent or talent\" and that he hated the countless \"junk\" music numbers in the film (
Even though they all celebrate the ironic murder of children, as any of darl\'s fans know, it\'s his favorite topic).
But Dahl was particularly upset with oompas.
In his novel, Oompa Loompas is an African pygmy who makes sweets for their wealthy Anglican donors.
Dahl thinks there\'s absolutely no problem with this, so the movie turns Oompa Loompas into a creepy orange row
Little People of unknown color
Dahl finally agreed to change the Oompa Loompas to avoid offending Africans
The American community may be the best, and the subsequent version of the book also reflects the change, although he does describe the needs of the Association of Colored People as \"real Nazi things \", \"Because we\'re pretty sure that Dale is crazy.
But as production continues, Dahl is frustrated with the producer\'s insistence on making Wonka the center of the story, which ultimately leads them to change the title of the film and focus on Willie Wonka.
Dahl talked about the film\'s portrayal of Wonka, especially the casting of Gene Wilder, who believes he is \"pretentious\" and \"not gay and resilient enough \".
\"Dahl clearly does not like Wilder\'s gentle, chilling description of Wangka, a man who has slaves and murders black children --
Magic House of candy
Despite charging $300,000 for writing from the studio, Dahl eventually denied the film and was actively involved in several magazines and television interviews.
Even if the success of the film greatly increased the sales of his books, Dahl still claimed that the whole experience was very frustrating for him, so he did not live to see Tim Burton\'s version arguably the best.
Charlotte\'s Web page 1973 animation Hannah-
The Barbella Classic has become the greatest non in history.
Despite the fierce competition from and, Disney cartoons were made.
However, while the film has succeeded in attracting parents and lazy daycare --
For decades, the staff of the Center on the author E. B.
White thinks the whole thing is a nightmare he \'d rather forget. When Hanna-
Barbera bought the movie rights of his novel, if he had a final endorsement of the design of spider Charlotte, and the film should not turn into a musical in any case.
So, of course, they turned it into a musical.
White said in an interview that the film was \"interrupted every few minutes so that someone could sing a happy song.
I am not very interested in happy songs.
\"It is clear that he wrote a book about a pig, and he was always afraid of being slaughtered by his master, and only one spider wrote human words on her network, finally yield to the old age of the spider, to save.
He presented the story to the children.
According to the author of the film, Little Earl Hamner
According to Mozart\'s work, there is a sound of \"thrumming, meditation, like the sound of the fall cricket, or the sound of katdi or cicadas.
It should be an unforgettable, quiet, stable sound-
Depression and repetition.
White\'s novel is about death and sadness, so he wants the children to leave the theater with their parents and immerse themselves in tears of despair. Hanna-
Barbella wanted the kids to take the film out, so they put some songs to relax.
We will let you decide which one will sell more tickets.
Speak of the beloved children\'s classics. . .
The never-ending story is one of those movies that define your childhood unless you were born after 1980 and just refuse to watch the classics that were treasured by previous generations.
We assume there is a rare kid somewhere who has watched the movie and just hates it (
Maybe even more important than a free horse. drowning scene)
If that\'s the case, then you have something in common with the novel author Michael Ender on which the film is based.
You see, Ende despised him very much, and he fought until his death in order to destroy it.
At first, Ende supported the adaptation of the film and defended the skeptical fans of the novel.
Ende has written the script with director Wolfgang Peterson, so he is confident that the film will be faithful to his original story.
That is, until the revised script is uploaded to his desk.
The producer of the film hired another writer to \"punch in\" endd\'s script without telling him, because they had already paid movie rights for his novel, to be honest, they did not boast of his view of the Bavarian pine fruit.
When Ende read the revised script, he claimed that they had turned his book into a comic book.
He tried to take back the copyright of the film, but it was too late by then.
So Ende removed his name from the set, and when the film finally came out, his integrity as a writer, A \"kitsch, commercial, plush and plastic\" because it was clearly unclear what film it was when he first signed the right to film.
Even if he removed himself from any official relationship with the film, he spent a lifetime trying to eliminate its existence through a series of bans and legal struggles that he called the \"matter of honor, but no success.
\"He even held a press conference in Stuttgart, a strategy historically reserved for the prosecution of war criminals.
However, given that the film eventually stars Jack Black, the righteous anger of Ende seems reasonable at least to some extent.
Breakfast in the iconic character of Holly goletelli, played by Tiffany southelli Hepburn, can be said to be the only reason Hepburn is famous.
Even if you \'ve never seen the movie before, you \'ve seen Hepburn\'s image wearing a pearl necklace, wearing a black cigarette butt and eagerly staring at you from countless dormitory walls and shoulder bags.
However, not everyone is happy with Hepburn\'s casting, and what we call \"everyone\" refers to the famous novelist Truman Capote who wrote the book.
Capote was there. He said there was \"double\" in the studio\"crossed [him]
In a variety of possible ways \", put Hepburn in the film.
Obviously, the original title of the novel is.
Although Capote described Hepburn as one of his favorite people, he thought of an actress: Marilyn Monroe when he wrote the book.
Moreover, although he has never acted before. That\'s right --
Cabot wants to be a movie.
The fact that Capote is betrayed by Hepburn\'s casting is that whenever Capote is on set, Hepburn feels uncomfortable.
Even after Hepburn\'s death, he thought that her presence in the film was one of the biggest disappointment he had ever experienced, saying, \"This is the most wrong movie I \'ve ever seen.
It makes me want to vomit.
\"Yes, even her tragic death did not relieve his anger.
2 Das BootIt may surprise you with the classic German
The war movie is not about boots at all, but about submarines.
The well-received adaptation of LossA
Gunther buham\'s novel opens up an international career for writers
Director Wolfgang Petersen, who will continue to be the eternal enemy of Michael Ende (see , above).
Both the audience and critics praised Peterson for his calm description of the war, insisting that his novel adaptation was a \"cheap, superficial American action movie\" that was close to Nazi propaganda \", this is almost the farthest thing anyone can give positive recognition or comment on a movie.
The problem is, from Buchheim at U-
Ship operation, the movie is just too unrealistic--
He felt that Peterson had injected too much tension, action and emotion into a series of boring and relatively regular events that should have been handled by experienced professionals.
In other words, Peterson made an exciting film, which Brahim thought was a slight act of the individual.
Buchheim\'s criticism includes pointing out the captain\'s way of adjusting his seat and the way sailors put their pants on, among other things, in blatant inaccuracies.
He also had no impression of the way the film was \"overly dramatic.
In a scene, the United States
The boat was forced to dive too deep, and the rivets began to pop up from the partition.
Buchheim complains that when any good sailor knows that only one rivet failure will cause an alarm, it is silly to portray multiple rivets popping up.
All of these notes would be good if the film\'s target audience was made up entirely of WWII submarine veterans, but Peterson\'s goal was to get a broader appeal.
Another complaint from busham is the length of the film. -
He felt that two hours was not enough for the audience to feel a German U accurately.
In fact, he has written a first draft of the script for more than six hours, and the studio has refused, which is understandable.
Buchheim\'s complaint shows that his ideal vision is for a group of guys to nod each other calmly on a submarine for six hours.
The Disney classic, Mary Poppins, paired Julie Andrews with Dick Van Dyck and a group of animated penguins, barely made ---P. L.
Travers, author of the series, really doesn\'t want Walt Disney or his schlocky commercial crap to get close to her story.
But, as recently dramatized in the film, Disney finally won her heart, and the rest is the history of the film.
But it turns out that the version of the event (
Produced by Walt Disney Pictures)
Most importantly, Traverse was never satisfied with Walt Disney.
She objected to the production of \"teeth and nails\" and once the film was released, she hated it with every fiber of her own.
For 20 years, Traverse has resisted Disney\'s right to buy her books until financial difficulties finally force her to succumb to the inevitable impulse of the mouse overlord.
However, she objected to the studio\'s attempt to adapt the story, including the animated penguin series, such as Super invincible, and the overall cast of the film.
Traverse hates Andrews as Mary Poppins, who is at least three times offended by Van Dyck\'s ugly English accent.
She prefers the role of \"Bert sweeping the chimney\" to be played by Lawrence Olivier or Richard Burton, although in a movie about the magical flight nanny, neither of these guys would be too excited to play a whimsical singing chimney sweep.
Traver\'s opposition to the film is so extreme that she is opposed to the red that appears at any time in the film, and you might think it\'s completely crazy.
When she finally finished watching the film, Traverse was very upset and she burst into tears.
She reportedly asked for a lot of rewrites, and Disney replied before spinning his beard and disappearing into the celebration, \"Pamela, the ship has sailed\"party.
At the end of her life, traverse did not participate in the Disney film, and only British writers would be hired to adapt the film.
According to some sources, she even cursed Disney in her will, presumably throwing the last punch at him when he finally unfrozen himself and read it.
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