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6 stylish gift ideas for the fashionable fitness enthusiast

by:GF bags     2019-08-16
For fashion fitness enthusiasts on the Christmas shopping list, come up with the perfect gift that suits their active life but matches their fashion --
Moving forward is a difficult task.
Whether they are a loyal Barre3 attendee, hardcore cross-fitness enthusiast or a yoga master, these options are sure to impress the most discerning and will be anyone
Who knows, they might even inspire you to exercise!
This nylon and vegan leather womens tote bags bag is stylish and can be taken from the gym for a weekend getaway.
It comes in three classic colors, including a make-up box and laundry bag to store your dirty gym clothes.
It also comes with specially designed ventilation compartments for storing shoes and a ton of internal pockets, perfect for mobile phones, laptops, wallets and water bottles.
Even if you are not a gym mouse, you will most likely want a bag like this.
Jemma Birdie, $198;
For anyone who wants to reach their fitness goals, the fitness tracker is the perfect motivation they need.
Fitbit Flex 2 can not only track activity, but also monitor sleep quality and provide smartphone notifications, which means it will have a lot of wear time.
But if the rubber bands are not in their style, be sure to buy a bracelet instead of the tracker.
It has three different metals that suit anyone\'s aesthetic and looks more like a polished piece of jewelry.
Fitbit Flex $59. 95;
AtFitbitFitbit Flex 2 bracelet for $69. 95-$74. 95;
No one wants to waste precious exercise time undoing the wired headphones.
The wireless features are even stronger, and these rose gold features will look super
The gym is stylish both inside and outside.
Also, more than 6 hours of battery life, you can keep your music playing even after the sweat is over.
Or you can call your mom.
When they are not in use, round disks secure them around your neck to ensure safetykeeping. i.
Bluetooth headset am button, $199. 95; atiamplusThrow-
Keeping away from plastic bottles is harmful to the environment and drinking for a long time
Semester may also be harmful to your health.
Instead, convince your favorite fitness friends to use these beautifully designed stainless steel BPA-
Free bottle.
This material keeps the drink hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours.
Who said they were just for water? The 25-
A bottle of wine per ounce.
With over 100 designs you can easily find the style that suits anyone on your shopping list.
Well bottle with black ribbon, $35;
Anyone wearing this golden metal cloakery will be sure to turn their heads around. The zip-
Up design makes it perfect whether you\'re going to the gym, going out for a run or just finishing a stressful class and putting on a sports outfit.
It\'s too trendy and you won\'t want to take it off when the workout is over.
L\'urv metal hoodie, $149;
Your favorite yogis will love to sing their \"Ohm\" and perform their salutation on this bold patterned yoga mat.
Inspired by the tropical greenery of Figi, this beautiful print looks more like a work of art than a piece of equipment.
It\'s like living with an island every time they go to class.
Fiji yoga mat, $86;
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