3 amazing backpacks under $100 for back to school season

by:GF bags     2019-09-21
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\"The trend of exercise and comfort may extend to accessories ---
Backpacks are very practical and work well with the sportswear consumers often wear, \"Beth Goldstein, executive director and fashion footwear and accessories industry analyst at Beth Group, said by email.
\"This provides an opportunity for manufacturers to increase the number of fashion merchants.
\"There is no doubt that sports clothing manufacturers such as Nike, Armour, V.
F and Adidas have launched backpacking games to capitalize on changing consumer preferences.
Many backpacks now offer waterproof technology to protect the exterior of their bags in the pouring rain, while others have heavy-
Help carry straps bands with heavy items like school books.
There are also buffered pockets on tablets and laptops to prevent scratches, and to use bright colors to add vitality to a person\'s wardrobe.
The manufacturer\'s investment in fashion backpack design seems to have paid off.
According to data from the NPD GroupS.
sales rose 26% to $1.
For the 12 months ended June 2015, it was 4 billion per cent.
The street looks back at the three best backpacks that came out of the mall for prices ranging from $60 to $100.
Everyone has their own unique reason to be the best breed.
From the lowest price to the highest price, this list lists the best packages. 1.
Adidas \"Prime\" backpack Price: $65 ($45 on Amazon)
Advantages: the lining of the 17-inch computer cover is soft and prevents scratches on the screen;
Small inner pocket with easy access to the top of the bag (
Blue above)
Ideal for storing your smartphone: the strap only needs to be gently-padded; non-
Adidas \"Prime\" is a great choice for a mom with a limited budget and it wants to give their kids a relatively stylish brand-name backpack with something fancy in it.
The \"XXL\" capacity of this package provides the greatest storage potential for teenagers with a large number of classes and books.
Smartphones and laptops have enough pockets, and Adidas\'s \"load spring technology\" helps make the bag feel lighter when carrying large loads.
Two mesh water bottle holders and a wide padded black strap at the top of the bag holding it in one hand are nice extras.
However, there should be some drawbacks given the affordable price of this package.
First of all, this package shows the visual wow factor in the competitive package that uses bright colors in the market, which is also a safety sign for children, and a large number of huge external pockets.
In addition to the blue and gray versions we tested, the fashion backpack has four other color options, but all of them have a bit of a lack of wow factor.
According to the product description on the bag label, the material of the bag is not waterproof and the strap is quite thin, which can be pressed on the shoulders of teenagers when walking long distances with heavy objects.
All in all, though, Prime is a solid bag for the price. 2.
Under Armour backpack is priced at $69.
99 free shipping on AmazonPros: get a real fashion statement at an affordable price; water-and abrasive-
External resistance;
[Ultimate garbage pocket ](
Pocket with horizontal line above)
Disadvantages: only a 15-inch laptop can be accommodated at most;
A thin, uncomfortable strap with a bag in one hand (
Gray above)
$5 more than Adidas\'s \"Prime\" backpack, mom can make sure their kids are one of the most fashionable backpacks in the classroom, and the backpack is Under Armour\'s \"undeniable \".
This package provides the visual eye sugar typical of most products: thoughtful-
Color scheme and overall design differences with competitors.
The strap contains perforated molded rubber that makes the bag look cool and avant-garde, but also provides breathing
The ability of the shoulder (
No teenager wants to be a mess with sweaty\'s back in a sweat stream).
In addition to the appearance, the package can accommodate two (yes, two)
Basketball next to the schoolbag and laptop.
The media pocket is lined with soft material to protect the device from scratches.
One of the best touches on the bag: two zip water bottle holders instead of the more common rack.
By using a zipper Holder, the water bottle can prevent slipping out of the ground, something that often happens with the grid.
It is undeniable that this is probably the best backpack
Realize the children who play the lotsof sport but must also deliver the goods with homework.
The downside is that there is only a 15-inch lined laptop holder compared to Adidas\'s 17-inch laptop. Also, the one-
The straps carried with you are very thin and not as comfortable as other test bags. 3.
North Face \"scout\" backpack List price: $99, buy on Amazon starting from $77.
05 advantages: all disadvantages: almost no one designed a \"reconnaissance\" backpack in V. F.
The North Face department of the company should receive the employee of the year award.
The \"Recon\", which costs less than $100, is a pure functional sexy product with two straps.
If a mom wants her child to be James Dean of the classroom, this is the bag to invest in.
Yes, the investment, because of the impressive composition of this package, from high school to university, it may be used all the time to a further distance.
This bag is made from the \"cordura\" fabric of North Face, which is resistant to tear, wear and scratch.
The pocket occupies the outside of the bag.
Once opened, the pocket provides organized storage space for pens, media equipment, and other things that rush teens may need.
The straps are the most padded in the group we tried, and are equipped with adjustable straps to hold the bags together.
In fact, the package was approved by the American chiropractor Association (yes, for real).
Other great features include thick padded straps carried by one hand;
A small zip and lined front pocket perfect for quick storage of smartphones or sunglasses;
Good to lean against a part of the back bag
Since it uses the \"Flexvent\" technology of Face, it is ventilated;
The water bottle pocket tested by the group is the widest.
If there are any small negatives, they will be the smallish15-inch laptop holder and the mesh water bottle holder instead of the zipper holder for Amour.
But these are all beautiful and super minor flaws for an otherwisefunctional bag.
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