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25 Idea Generators for Writing PPC Ads

by:GF bags     2019-08-21
\"I feel like I\'m stuck in the same state.
\"I don\'t know where to start.
\"I have written everything I want to write.
\"You\'re not alone if you can relate to these comments.
In terms of PPC advertising, many company marketers and copywriters have been blocked by writers.
There are 25 great writing opportunities here. Ecommerce1. Category Sales-
Like \"all outdoor furniture has a 50% discount before 1/31. ”2. Product Sales -
Follow the route of \"25% off for each letter combined womens tote bags bag. \"3. Rebates -
\"$100 rebate for wireless printers\" 4. Coupons -
Offer coupons for immediate sale, or use them as an incentive to have visitors sign up for your mailing list. 5. Free Shipping -
Online is always the winner. 6. Holiday Sales -
President\'s Day, Valentine\'s Day . . . . . . Heck, if you offer sales, Groundhog Day can bring additional visitors to your site. 7. Combos -
Buy one such, buy one such, can be discounted.
Cordless drill and flashlight.
A pair of shoes and a handbag.
Ice cream and cookies . . . . . . Works for anything. 8.
Buy one, buy one
Get one for free, get one for half price, get credit for future purchases, etc. 9. New Products -
Attract attention to new product additions by publishing PPC ads. 10.
Turning Seasons
\"Women\'s Spring pants.
Big sale in summer.
Your favorite autumn fashion.
Buy stage.
Need to identify
\"Is it time for the new mower?
\"Is the computer running slowly? \"12.
Information Search-
The: \"search . . . . . .
Scientific data about. \"13.
Read reviews about plasma TV.
Flat panel TV. \"14. Decision -
\"Buy netbooks at a discount of 30%. \" \"Best-
Internet books for sale.
Performance proof 15. Statistics-
\"92% feel relieved in 7 days\" 16. Case Studies -
Provide case studies focusing on the results of customer use services/products. 17.
Research results-
\"88% recovered within 24 hours. \" 18.
Proof of performance-
Highlight what customers/shoppers know you can support anything you claim. Customer-
Generated comments, proofs, analysis, etc.
Exclusive Products/Services-
Anything you have that should not be mentioned. 20.
Products/Services rarely found
Anyone else should not mention anything you have. 21. Specialties -
Are you a marketing organization specializing in email marketing? Say so!
Lead production 2. Size-
\"The largest agency in the United StatesS.
\"There are more partners than other companies. \"23. End Results -
\"Increase the return on investment by 22%. \"24.
Preferred Customer-
\"CPA for small business\" or \"marketing for major Corps \". \"25. Freebie -
Provide free white papers, consultations, or case studies for those who respond.
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