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Bag covers handbag, case bag, including purse, key bag, zero wallet, hand hold a bag, shoulder bag, backpack, schoolbag, satchel, briefcase etc. It is not only used to store personal belongings, but also can reflect a person’s identity, status, economic status and even personality. A carefully selected leather bag can make the finishing point and transform you into a real white-collar woman. Speaking of bag purchase, best bag comes from top bag manufacturer, say Gaofeng bag factory, established in 1999.

Bag development

From the classic bag to the modern bag, the rise of bag decoration is closely related to the evolution of clothing.

Ever since the late 1700s, when wavy skirts with straps gave way to slim-fitting dresses, women have been searching for bags to carry their belongings.

The first fish-mesh pouch rises on the occasion, a pouch tied with long strings that is easy to hold in the hand and becomes a veritable “wrapper.”

For hundreds of years, the trend of fashion accessories has changed with each passing day just like fashion.

And its status also rises gradually, become the indispensable part in the dress of ladies, for example bag is acted the role of.

Based on different trends and cultures, different times, and different occasions, women’s handbag has evolved into an endless variety of forms.

When Europe opened its doors to the world in the early 19th century, large travel bags became a necessity to get in and out of Europe. Big bag goes with the flow.

The rise of cigarettes in the 20th century made cigarette packets a decoration for women attending social gatherings, so the small box type of packaging was put on the market in large Numbers. In 1929, the Hollywood star craze ushered in cosmetic bags for storing foundation and lipstick, and all kinds of cosmetic bags, such as shells, soccer balls, door locks, vases and birdcage shapes, emerged.

But during World War II, when supplies were scarce, bags became an instant luxury, and the coarse canvas of the ladies’ bags led designers to create a series of shopping bags and bicycle bags. In the 20th century, women were all handsome with famous brands, and handbag decoration became a symbol of status and power.

After the middle period, people’s life is full of computers.

With the rise of laptop computers, the wide messenger bag and camera bag have become the favorite of young people. In the later period, the world of wrap decoration became more colorful and colorful, with the prevalence of minimalism, Chinese embroidery and the application of animal fur, such as snake skin, leopard skin and crocodile skin. At the beginning of the 20th century, as a fashion representative, bag decoration boosted by bag manufacturer became a common popular item. Influenced by the “Oriental civilization” sweeping Europe at that time, bag decoration became strange. But in those days, fashion handbag was the preserve of the rich. Low income and heavy work keep working class women out of fashion and out of accessorizing.

By the 1920s, with the development of mass media, fashion bag was no longer the prerogative of the upper class, and women from all walks of life joined in the pursuit of fashion handbag. And wrap act the role ofing also begins to show their own characteristic. Beaded bags swayed to the beat of the music, and the popular jazz music of the day produced one “concerto after another.”

In the 1930s, the space for Hollywood films developed and they had a great influence on the popularity of fashion handbag. Handbag is acted the role of the appearance that had streamline and good ark wears, guileless material is qualitative, primitive and elegant. In the fume-ridden 1940s, bags were designed with the greatest emphasis on practicality, while the pragmatic trend was influenced by military designs. Shouder bag was all the rage as it could be used for the most practical items of clothing, such as gas mask rationed receipts and identity CARDS.

Although the war years brought great pain to people, it promoted the decoration to the civilian and simplified. After the war, the economy gradually recovered in the 1950s. Due to the imprisonment of the war years, people’s desire and competition for sex after the war ended, and women’s clothing quickly turned to attractive appeal and charm. And pack act the role ofing is to cooperate dress, also move toward sex appeal and charm without exception. During this period, rock and pop music was not only a musical form of revolution, it formed a new language for the vast number of teenagers across the region and culture.The revolution of youthful miniskirts and trousers was born with the popularity of rock music. Miniskirts are also calling for the emergence of new accessories, so a variety of small, simple style bags with long straps hang on young people’s shoulders, i.e, shoulder bag.

In the 1970s and 1980s, when the economy was developing rapidly, in a sense, bag decoration has become a symbol of cultural status and identity.

New materials and designs are constantly being introduced to break the traditional concept of “invest in a good bag”. With the concept of neo-Romanticism and classical Renaissance in the late 1970s, some narrow shoulder bags, fishing bags and other bags with fresh rural flavor were carried on people’s shoulders, which also reflected people’s desire to escape the crowded and noisy city under the surging economic tide.

In the 1990s, the fashion bag dominated by young people, the avant-garde seemed to become a synonym for fashion bag. The top design of the high post list is without exception those avant-garde masters who are good at playing with gimmick and writing. And “today is the fashion and tomorrow is the past” trends change, it has to make people “the world is changing fast” sense. Bag decoration is also affected by the fast changing trend of the wind without exception, presents the changeable appearance.

With the advent of the year 2000, the retro trend will continue to prevail, and bead bags may become a craze. As new century, lady handbag s acted the role of arrived after a few hundred years also can become historical witness. In the 20th century, human beings have created too many miracles. They have left countless precious wealth for human beings with their intelligence, positive initiative and creativity for bag design.

Classification based on function


Briefcases are usually divided into compartments for paper, calculator, CARDS, ballpoint pens, documents, official stationery, etc. Briefcase is made of solid leather or embossed leather.The styles are square, rectangular, flat, round and mobile phone, and so on. The colors are mainly yellow. 

Camera bag

1) Materials for camera bag.The first thing we noticed was the material that was wrapped around the outside of the camera bag. Generally speaking, the most important functions of the exterior materials of the camera bag are water resistance, abrasion resistance and fire prevention.This material can be roughly divided into two categories, one is nylon or man-made fiber, is waterproof, wear resistant, not easy to puncture;The second kind is canvas, which is very close-fitting, comfortable and easy to wash. It looks generous in appearance, but it is not waterproof in itself. When some waterproof protective material is added to the surface of the canvas, or a waterproof layer is added between the two canvas, it is waterproof.Two kinds of material each have respective advantage, consumer can be choose the right one in need.

As for the materials used in the interior of the camera bag, early camera bags used cardboard as compartments.Such a bad place is that when wet, water will be absorbed, so that there is moisture inside camera bag, and such a material durability is not very strong. Camera bag is usually made of thick sponge. At the bottom of camera bag, a thick sponge plate is generally used, on one hand, to support the gravity of the whole camera bag, on the other hand, it can effectively reduce  vibration.

2) Overall design of the photography bag.The design of the photo bag includes many aspects, including: the space size of each compartment, the design of the partition board and its adjustability, etc. If the bag is pocket-shaped, you should pay attention to whether the pocket size is suitable, whether it is convenient and safe to take the camera and other items, etc.In the purchase, whether these design features suitable for their own should be on-site experience.In addition, the waterproof enclosure at the seal of the photo bag, the anti-theft lock on the zipper, the anti-skid design on the strap, etc., the user had better look carefully when choosing.

3) Size of camera bag.This specification parameter for a camera bag is usually expressed in terms of its three-dimensional size.It is usually shown in the product leaflet or in the instruction booklet. From the general volume specifications, according to the size of the bag can generally be divided into pocket bags, small bags, medium bags and large bags.The bag can also be classified as a shoulder bag, backpack or Fanny pack.Usually a Fanny pack is small, while a backpack is usually large.In the purchase, we should take their existing equipment as a reference, at the same time combined with their travel to make a choice. For example, when I first purchased a photo bag, I used Canon EOS 5, Syma 28-200mm zoom lens and Canon 50mm F1.8 standard lens, equipped with a 420EX flash and a battery handle.Based on my equipment and the fact that I don’t travel much, I chose a one-shoulder bag about a foot in length.Small items such as batteries, film, and even small pieces of clothing can be packed in a photo bag and feel great.

Cosmetic bag

1) Delicate and small appearance: since it is a carry-on bag, the size should be appropriate. Generally, the size within 18cm×18cm is the most appropriate. The sides should have some width to fit all the items, and it can be put into the large bag without being bulky.

2) Lightweight material: The weight of the material is also a factor to be considered. The lighter the material, the less burden it will cause. The makeup bag made of cloth and plastic cloth is the lightest and most convenient.In addition, the outer skin had better choose wear-resisting the qualitative material that bears an operation, do not have overmuch compose act the role of, ability is used long long.

3) Multi-layer design: Because the items in the makeup bag are very delicate, there are many small things to be placed, so there is a layered design style, it will be easier to put things into categories.More and more intimate makeup bag design, even between a lipstick, powder puff, pen tool and other special area, so much space received, not only can be clear at a glance things put position, still can protect them not because of each other collision and injury.

4) Choose the style that suits you: At this time, buyer should first check the kinds of things you are used to carrying. If the items are mostly pen-like items and the shape of the flat makeup disk, then the wide and flat style with multiple layers is quite suitable;If it is given priority to with the bottle and jar that divide pack, buyer should choose the makeup bag that the side looks wider on shape, cosmetic bag can make bottle and jar stand at attention so, the liquid inside just is not easy to leak out.


As the name suggests, a wallet is a bag for carrying money. It is also the most important bag in our daily life. It not only suits our identity, but also reflects our personality.The right type of wallet will reflect your fashion index. Wallets are divided into traditional physical objects to carry money bags and virtual electronic wallets.

Leisure backpack

The leather bag that is used when wearing casual dress, recreational and go shopping, can choose the leather bag with lively modelling, bright-coloured colour or knapsack, this and relaxed mood and dress up suit.

To attend the formal occasion such as dinner party, people should choose more elegant leather bag, match with formal dress already so, also be to host polite expression.

When attending a banquet, it is better to use a leather bag on the arm or on the back. Do not hold a leather bag in your hand, so as not to cause trouble when exchanging business CARDS or taking meals.

More info about backpack, click on “comprehensive backpack knowledge from Gaofeng bags factory” and get details.Tips for ladybagSome women save time by using the same bag on different occasions, sometimes looking out of place because it doesn’t match their look. It is best to have several bags for different occasions, such as work, leisure and dinner. The bag used when going to work should be a little bigger, so that it can store more necessary things, but the style must be generous, accord with the image of going to work, if the briefcase style bag is the most suitable.

But if you find a briefcase too sturdy, try carrying both a briefcase and a satchel that reflects feminine style.This allows you to place as many items as possible in a more reasonable way than if you were carrying a plastic or paper bag. When carrying leather handbag, women should carry it over their right shoulder, because women and men tend to walk on the right side.When using a briefcase or handbag, it can be confusing to change hands.Bag styleStyles of shouder bags can be roughly divided into one shoulder bag, two-shoulder bag, cross-body bag. According to scientific analysis, from the perspective of energy saving and health, the best bag is backpack, followed by cross-body bag, one-shoulder bag, and the worst is carrying bag or hanging on the forearm.

This is because the two-shoulder backpack bears the most uniform force, while the single-shoulder backpack tends to suffer from high and low shoulders due to the heavy gravity on one shoulder. Cross-shoulder bag can distribute the weight on the shoulders to the back and waist, which saves more effort.

There are a lot of people like to hang the bag on the forearm, feel decent and generous, little do not know, the wrist is in the same position for a long time or excessive use of wrist force, will cause carpal tunnel syndrome due to repeated chronic fatigue injury. Driftwood canvas bag design center reminds: in addition to the type of backpack, the choice of backpack should pay attention to, should not be too large;

The thing that put does not want too much, with back hind relaxed, do not have oppressive feeling advisable. If there are too many things, you can pack them separately. The wider the strap of backpack and shoulder bag, the better. The thin shoulder belt is pressed on the shoulder, so the stressed area is small and the pressure increases, which will aggravate the muscle strain of shoulder and neck for a long time.UpkeepVintage bag in New York and Paris are among the most vintages of vintages.

If you want to make your beautiful bag become “immortal classic”, you should use professional leather care products to maintain it carefully in the early stage.

This is the biggest secret of bag care.

Never send your bag to a professional shop only after it has been damaged, as it is often too late to repent.

Correct usage habits for packages

Correct usage can prolong the service life of leather goods.

New bag must avoid collision with hard and sharp objects, scraping, so as not to scratch the surface leather.

Avoid putting heavy items in the bag to avoid wrinkling and deformation.

Prolonged exposure to direct light and heat can cause the bag to discolor, discolor and deform.

Girl’s make up water and so on thing had better not put directly in the bag, to use make-up bag is a must.

Buying guide.

Most of us wouldn’t be able to survive without bags for our daily needs.

But isn’t it too dull to ignore a bag’s appearance just because it has such a function, especially with today’s popular standard? so don’t take it for granted that you should buy a bag with basic functions.

Here are tips for fashion handbags.

1. Bright colors look best on handbags: Wearing jeans and a T-shirt or a traditional dark suit, a bright orange, red or pink handbag can give you instant sparkle.

2.Large-capacity bags are the most convenient: It’s very messy if you fill pockets of a dress. Small handbag becomes full, as very convenient, but will seriously affect its appearance.

So if you have a lot of things to carry around, it’s a good idea to carry a big bag with a small one. It’s easy and neat to hide bag in a big bag.

3. Black and brown bags go with everything: You don’t have the time, energy or capital to go with all the different bags you wear every day. Versatile black and brown bags will be your best! Such collocation can foil already skin tone and color layer, and in some cases, still can let a person be refreshing.

4. The backpack is the most practical:  Bag can be carried or shouldered, dual-use bags can be changed according to your needs or clothing matching, mostly suitable for young girls for practical shopping 

5. Choice of style and size:  There are many kinds of bags, but everyone has his or her own favorite style for bag. Satchel, handbag, shoulder bag, dual-use cross-body bag, backpack, Fanny pack, chest bag, choose one.Then, do the detail type selection. For example, the length of the bag strap, pattern is suitable for their own, whether the bag hardware in line with their own mind and so on. Note that the size of the bag is important. Many online buyers do not pay attention to the size of the bag, and are not satisfied with the size of the bag to throw away.

So be sure to see the specific size of the bag advertised by the seller on the Internet. Some sellers post too simple, but in fact it is the upper width, the lower width, the height from the bottom of the bag to the upper edge of the bag (the height of the bag), the height of the carrying belt or long belt and the upper edge of the bag (the increase of the hand) and the thickness of the bag.

In fact, only the actual measured data is the most accurate. Many sellers largely ignore this. Of course, a lot of people don’t care about the followings: its reality, roughly draw, the size of the bag on the mind.

More info, contact 2020 popular bag manufacturer, Shenzhen Gaofeng bags Co., Ltd.

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