100-year-old woman dies from injuries after purse stolen in UK; at least one suspect arrested

by:GF bags     2019-09-05
On Thursday, a man was at 100-year-
The old woman died of multiple injuries. -
Including neck fracture-
British officials say her wallet was stolen when it was robbed in the street.
Derby County police said at a press conferenceyear-
The old man who has not yet identified himself was previously suspected of robbing 100-year-
Old Zofija Kaczan May 28.
He was released and returned.
Arrested on Thursday
Kaczan suffered \"multiple injuries\" in the attack, including a broken neck, which was caused by a robbery around 8: 45 a. m. m.
Located 125 miles north of London, Fullerton Town. The 100-year-
Police said she died of injury on Wednesday.
\"This crime is absolutely terrible,\" said Detective director Darren Dias. \"Mrs.
Kaczan is
Loved members in the community, it is disgusting to be her target in this way. \"The 100-year-
The old man told the police that someone approached her from behind, knocked her handbag down and stole it.
A woman in San Francisco was accused of dismembering her roommate\'s bag, which was green and made of fake leather with a gold buckle and was found to be half
A handle was ripped off a mile away.
When a man was arrested, the authorities asked the public if anyone had seen the beige Seat Leon car with the license plate SL02 KVZ close to where the robbery took place.
\"There are people in the Derby who know the people responsible for this crime, and I will urge them to provide any information that will help bring those responsible to justice,\" De \'ath said on Wednesday . \".
In May 30, the car was found abandoned in a parking lot in Stockbrook town.
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