10 bizarre ipod accessories

by:GF bags     2019-09-18
When the tape is a more popular format for playing music, the Boom Box is stylish.
You may have seen a montage from several 80-year-old movies that show beach visitors confidently holding their heads high on the beach, wearing pilot sunglasses and having a boom on their shoulders.
With retro and geek fashion all the rage in today\'s fashion, it\'s no surprise that boom box is making its own tongue --in-cheek comeback.
Several developers now offer a wide variety of plastic boom boxes for carrying an ipod or playing an FM radio.
Many designed for women\'s shoulder bags are designed to mimic boom box speakers and knobs.
Some people just hold the iPod, the headphone jack has holes, while others actually have a working speaker built into the material to play whatever you choose.
If you don\'t show off your stuff on the beach, the next relaxing, well-designed iPod accessory can be useful to you, especially on a lazy Sunday morning.
To learn how to turn your iPod off while you sleep, read the next page.
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