10 best running backpacks

by:GF bags     2019-09-21
Choosing the right package for your Super Marathon is the key and your choice will depend on many things.
If you do a level 50 km super sport in the English countryside, you may need a simpler vest to store spare tops, gels, liquids and some plasters.
At the other end of the scale, it is a self-sufficient multi-day Super crossing the desert-
Here, the race organizer will dictate that you have to carry a long list of things that you will obviously pursue for more capacity.
The vest offers an easier option to store several liters of water and storage space.
Then the bag-
Although still holding the \"coat\" style of architecture
More generous option to be able to carry more gears.
In the options below, we provide the best options in the full spectrum range.
Lightweight choice of multi-function (320g)
This package is available in all minimalist boxes, but it still offers a generous 11.
The storage space of 8L is very comfortable and suitable.
There are a lot of pockets and bags in the back, you can hide a lot of equipment inside
This is ideal for a single-stage or overnight overrequested mandatory program.
Two good ones in front-
Bottle Cover size (500ml each)
Higher position to avoid the movement that people hate when running.
In addition, there are extra elastic pockets for your iPhone, bar and gel, head torch, buff, etc, which you can get without stopping.
The expandable pocket on the side is a handy extra item for a variety of items, and also a zipper so you don\'t lose anything, with pole storage at the back, its digital embrace has an elastic feel that ensures a super comfortable and safe fit.
Buy this bag now.
Only 180g in weight
You will enjoy a long day in a truly comfortable environment and be able to store all the equipment and supplies you may need.
Storage capacity is 3.
5L, which is designed for a shorter level of ultras, but you can store up to 2. 5L of fluids (
There are two 500 ml soft flask in front, up to one.
5L bladder in the back)
With a total of nine pockets, you can hide your iPhone, gel and a lot of extra easy-to-grab gear.
It consists of a highly breathable mesh structure that helps minimize any additional heating and is very comfortable, with minimal bounce around the body.
Buying Now is the ultimate in the smallest racing gear.
Just 137g, this is a tight fit vest, light and thin, made of elastic mesh, the pocket can easily expand to accommodate more gear if you take part in the 100 mile event.
However, it is also at home when simply storing a few items (
Like a wind jacket and a spare water bottle)
And will not feel relaxed.
You can not wear a shirt if you wish, there is a lot of storage space in the front, including two 500 ml soft bottle compartments, the other two inflatable deep pockets with zip pockets on the side, there is a neat adjustable strapping system on the front to ensure good fit.
Buy the nowA focus on the ultra-light French running brand, this high quality packaging puts a lot of liquid on the front shoulder strap with two 600 ml soft flasks (
Most brands only need 500 ml flasks)
This is a neat feature that refuel much faster at the aid station.
There is a main 10 L capacity compartment behind it (
Can accommodate 1. 5L bladder too)
Extra elastic outer bag for extra items, a total of eight pockets, and two pole carry configurations-
There is a super ready channel in front and one in the back.
It is made of lightweight breathable mesh and fits perfectly, with two Micro adjustable buckles on the side that truly personalize its fit with a weight of only 245g.
Buy nowWeight 246g, capacity 12L (
Plus a partitioned bladder)
There\'s a lot of storage in this bag-
Good for longer runs that require more gear/supplies.
Weather too-
Resistant, so you don\'t need to worry about unforeseen changes in the weather, the main compartment is the rolling top, so it\'s very easy to get in, and it\'s more forgiving to hide the extra parts inside, but it can be folded down to fix the smaller load.
It has extreme pockets on the back and is easy to access (
Although you need to remove the package to get them)
Four pockets in front (
Two bottles of soft flask, two bottles of gel, etc)
It is very suitable for running, comfortable and safe when running.
Now buy a great fashion backpack with a capacity of 20L, although with the roll top, it is perfect for squeezing in if you need it, and can also be packed with less money.
There are a large number of elastic pockets on the side and front for filling gel, dates, music player, sunscreen, etc, water bottle holder (
Able to carry 500 ml regular round water bottles)
The location is good and high and there is a bladder sleeve at the back if you need more.
The waist strap is connected to the front with elastic velcro, which is very comfortable and easy to adjust (but secure too).
It also has a special smell counter treatment, so it won\'t start smelling either.
350g, this is a good choice for a package with such a large capacity and such rich functionality.
If you want a pack with a lot of capacity, buy it now and it\'s one of your best options --
It has a huge 25 L capacity, so you should be prepared for the self-contained multi-day marathon.
With the 6-point seat belt system, it is perfect for running, and there are some very convenient hips and shoulder pads (and zippered)
Pockets of items that are often used during running, such as water bottles, gels, phones, etc.
It is worth noting that the water bottle is not on the front shoulder strap and the hydration system is through the bladder or from the pocket to the side.
It is made of high quality tear proof fabric so it can be hammered and should give you good service
Great for storing extra fast access devices)
The detachable back pad of the bag doubles as a camping mat.
This is a large capacity running package with very high specifications.
Now buy a nonsense-free vest with the smallest volume and very light weight, with storage space of 7 L, only 172g in weight, made of rip stop material, also for any stored gear
There is a large velcro strap on the side, very easy to adjust, perfect for your torso.
You can use a 1L bladder at the back with two 500 ml bottles at the front and four pockets at the front to provide enough storage.
This is a great bag for stage or day races that require minimal equipment and match light packs.
Buy a very innovative design now, one pack and two packs.
You can choose a minimum match day vest with 8 pockets for storing gel, pinion and two 500 ml flasks, then you can fix it on an extra 15L storage box at the back, this is good for training and even overnight games for a longer period of time.
It is 187g, so it is a lightweight option, equipped with a large number of compression bands and adjustable body hugs to keep the gear and packaging well tied and minimize any
It\'s really comfortable and durable.
Buy now this is a great option for warm weather or when you highlight a shorter level 1 super water collaboration
It is the smallest, highly breathable and can carry 3. 1L of fluids.
It has two 550 ml bottles in the front pocket and the storage at the back is good for the wind jacket and one or two other items.
Finish with micro edge
Fiber, helps to provide softness and No.
Wear and tear on the skin and clothes.
With some good elastic pockets on the back and sides, able to inflate and carry gel and gear, the elastic breastbone string provides a comfortable and highly adjustable fit and remains stable while running.
Soromeng and cammerbuck are perfect for buying in a short day.
If you\'re doing a single-stage but longer super-stage of about 100 km M, Raidlight and Arc\'Teryx offer great options.
If you\'re going to take part in a longer multi-stage competition, OMM and Montane provide a lot of storage, but the features, comfort and all the features are in a lightweight package.
However, if you don\'t need something in bulk, the best Almighty in many scenarios is the ultimate direction --
Light weight, very good structure, good storage capacity, thoughtful, very comfortable
This is what we recommend most.
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